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Someone Likes My Favorite Comic Book More Than Me

I think this brief period of X-Factor represents a high-point for Marvel Comics. For real. Peter David at his most pointed, Larry Stroman mixing the kinetic nature of the of the era with solid storytelling skills. I love this book.

But do I love it for the price this seller is asking? Does anyone? I gladly hand the mantle of “Biggest X-Factor New Team Era Fan” to whoever buys this at this price.

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Get Me Orange Juice, I’m High on X-Factor

Well, I’m hooked. The current Peter David X-Factor run I finally started shows much promise and I’m excited to pick up the other trades. I have a lot to catch up on. To celebrate my new love, I’m posting auctions that include the creative team of the first trade. Peter David and Ryan Sook in particular.

Will this ever be “worth” anything because it was signed by Peter David? No. Deal in reality. But if you’re going to own the issue (and you should) you may as well own one signed by David for only a dollar more.

Because I’m not a huge DC man or Mignola reader, I wasn’t intimately familiar with Ryan Sook prior to checking his X-Factor work. But I soon realized that I’ve passed by his material dozens of times. His range of work is so broad and multifaceted there is almost no disliking him as a artist. Here he is doing his best Mignola.

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Strong Guy

Maybe some of Peter David’s finest writing is the segment where Guido, bodyguard to Lila Cheney, joins X-Factor and has to pick a code name. Strong Guy is his choice, and the irreverence and annoyance with which the other characters react is perfect. Havok has never seemed so surly, and Mr. David did it perfectly.

So for the Strong Guy diehards out there, this one’s for you. Joe Madureira original art – nothing special here, but like I said, if you are just looking for a manageably priced piece of a loved character, this would do very nicely.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #34

The pinnacle of a run I, and many, many others, have gushed about all over the internet for many years. This issue I believe cements this entire era of Hulk, giving Peter David full control and letting him run inside, outside, and every which way into the corners of the character.

#34 – Incredible Hulk 372

While the Todd McFarlane run with David is spoken of frequently, the Dale Keown issues are head and shoulders better. The cover says it all – and if you’ve never read this era of the Hulk, well, y’know, you haven’t really read the Hulk.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #59

Incredible Hulk, Peter David, yadda yadda yadda, perfect match.

But what about the third wheel on this dream date?

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s gone on to do things like buy very expensive baseballs and stuff. He was a new guy. Hadn’t quite found his niche. But you know him as…

Todd McFarlane.

#59 – Incredible Hulk 331

And what an interesting debut it is. Peter David is in a full on Claremont-ian dialogue dump, and Young McFarlane is miles away from what he would become even a few issues into this run. From what I’ve read in various trades and accounts, NO ONE wanted to write the Hulk. David took it as a “yeah, sure. I’ll do that.” gig, no clandestine plan behind it. And McFarlane was considered a potential but somewhat unruly artist who’s story telling ability was poor at best.

Peter David went onto write some 100+ issues of the Hulk. This McFarlane guy went on to create something named “Spawn” which is to see he made the most successful Batman-meets-Spiderman ripoff ever.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #78

Question: If someone told you that Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, and Wolfsbane would make up one of the coolest and most interesting x-teams of all time, would you laugh?


But Peter David didn’t. Well, he probably did. Dude’s pretty funny. But no one saw this team coming.

It was like Revenge of the Nerds, but worse. This team of X-Men couldn’t have walked on and joined the Tri-Lambs, let alone made it with the Omega Mus. These were losers.

But wow… talk about a grease fire.

#78 – X-Factor 87

Take that previous group, throw in Doc Samson for good measure (and by good measure I mean throw away puke vomit awful Hulk supporting character) and you have the best talking head comic book issue ever. I think I mean that. Joe Quesada threw down the pencils and did a good job – loved his mid 90’s style, which has since evolved quite a bit, but it did the deed here. But the strength is the writing. In 22 pages, Mr. David nailed these characters individually better than anyone before or since.

If you haven’t, you must read this issue. It might make you care about Wolfsbane. No, really.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #93

My Incredible Hulk will almost always be written by Peter David.

That’s just what I see when I see “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” on the shelf. My mind automatically flashes to “Written by Peter David.”

But I don’t think Mr. David wrote this one. He didn’t need to. It was good enough to just go, “Okay, we’ve got the Hulk, and we’ve got the Gray Gargoyle. Hmm. Nuff said.” Well actually he did. But you know what? I should have known. The title is too witty to have been written by anyone else. “Still Life.”

#93 – The Incredible Hulk #363

What If Syndrome.

Remember back in April, when I did a post on What If…?

And remember how I mentioned that later stories had a tendency to devolve into a game of “let’s kill everyone we can, in really mean ways”? This is one of those stories…

The Last Avengers Story. The name implies death, certainly, but it implies awesome, heroic death. One expects Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man all going down in blazes of glory. But alas, The Last Avengers Story is not a legendary tale of Marvel’s premiere superheroes last stand. It’s a “let’s kill everyone we can in really mean ways” story. It suffers from What If Syndrome.

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America? They’re not your main characters. Hell, they’re not really even in the book; the deaths of Cap and Thor are mentioned in passing, and Iron Man just makes a token appearance at Cap’s funeral. Even the second string Avengers get screwed royally in this. Tigra? The Hulk turns evil and rips her in half. Quicksilver accidentally runs over the Scarlet Witch at super speed, and runs off a cliff in despair. Wonder Man gets ripped open by the Hulk and blows them both up, with the resulting explosion blinding Hawkeye. And all that is FLASHBACKS. Who actually assembles to fight our uber villain combo of Grim Reaper, Kang, and an army of Ultrons in the main plot? A fat Hank Pym, a Wasp who’s losing an inch of height a year, The Human Torch (you know, the Fantastic Four guy), Cannonball (you know, the New Mutants guy), and a bunch of next generation schmucks (all the villains were rounded up and killed by the government, so all the young superheroes are bored d-bags). Yeah. To say it’s a massacre is putting it lightly.

Worth a read, mainly because the Ariel Olivetti art is incredible, but man did I expect better from Peter David. It’s not that it’s poorly written, it’s just that it’s so much more like the usual What If it was the end of the Marvel Universe story; the characters you expect to read about in an Avengers story don’t even show up, and instead of finding out what happened to them, we get peeks at what happened to people like Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, and Spider Man instead. And even then, they’re all miserable. In large part it reads like Kingdom Come without the epic scope.

Frickin’ What If Syndrome. It affects even the best.

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Larry is the Truth, Son!

Best creative paring during my comic reading lifetime (1991 to present): Peter David / Larry Stroman on X-Factor. I’m not going to attempt to justify this to you. It is simple fact; as real and immutable as the tides. Deal with it, yo.

Here’s a Larry Stroman signed copy of the issue that kicked off that untouchably great run. Apparently that signature adds $.10 because this thing is selling for a dime over cover price. This world is unfair and stupid. Larry and I are headed to the blue area of the moon where, hopefully, they appreciate greatness.

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How could I forget?

And now we’re standing face to face
Isn’t this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Everyone’s second favorite character from the Mojoverse…

(Spiral? No…)


Heroclix? Power boost!

Keeping it fresh for ’94…

And finally, from the nickel bin (no, really…)

Confession – I really did like Shatterstar in 1992. He was cool, not quite as cool as Gambit… but right there.

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