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The Walking Dead 1 – 13 Graphic Novel Zombie Comic

I’m sure many of you are familiar with The Walking Dead television show on AMC. But for those you who don’t know, the series is actually based off a comic book that Image put outwritten by the super talented Robert Kirkman. iphizzle has made it really easy for you to research the story further by selling 1-13 of the graphic novel. That’s a shit load of apocalyptic zombie mayhem. I highly recommend this series you won’t regret it. Then check the show On Demand.

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The Zombie thing is pretty played…

But this is the season, right? Regardless, A funny zombie sketch is always cool to me. I wonder if this is what “Mark” was thinking of when he asked Arthur Suydam, artist of the Marvel Zombies homage covers, for a “Zombie Spider-Man” sketch. This one is certainly more Fred Hembeck than you might’ve expected from Mr. Zombie himself.

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Walking Dead Compendium

Walking Dead is about to explode on the small screen, and so far the reviews on it are decent. I am skeptical at best, but the comic has done very well and become somewhat of a cult phenomenon.

What I do love is that Image has made it really easy for a broader audience to check the book out. They have pushed it consistently as well as continuing to use events like Free Comic Book Day to introduce the book to anyone willing to give it a whirl. Here is my favorite look for the book – a 48 issue compendium collection that takes you from issue 1- and on for about 1000 pages or so. Great look, and the edition looks awesome. This retails for $60, so scoop it up for $31.99 + $3.50 shipping. Not too shabby.

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Scaramouch, Scaramouch, Will You Do The Fandango?

I never read issue 2 of this funny little series about a road tripping sorcerer and his gun toting girlfriend stumbling into a town that had been magically slaughtered and raised as zombies, but I always wondered if they ever worked in the Queen quote.

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