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Rocket Blastin’

Recently, I was asked to contribute to a comic zine. As I’ve said in previous posts, I come from a punk background where zines range from engaging to unbelievably dull and self-involved. Based on the people involved, I think the zine will be great, but I’ll stand ever-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t go down that punk zine road.

I couldn’t saw which side of that boring/not boring fence this zine from 1976 falls, but I’m optimistic of anything Mike Zeck related. This issue features an interview with the man. Is the interview two-pages? Twenty-pages? Who knows? But this material harkens back to a time when comics were just a touch less overexposed and used-up, so it’s got definite appeal.

Rocket Blast Comic-Collector zine is from before my time, but Mike Zeck is timeless.

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