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Saved by the Bell Comics Summer Break Special 1993

I know on my summer breaks I used to love watching re-runs of Saved By the Bell. Well who am I kidding I still watch that bullshit every morning. And I have to say I am a little mad at TBS. Usually SBTB would be on from 7-9 that’s 4 episodes. Now they are on from 8-9. Bullshit why would you put two episodes of Home Improvement on before that? Everyone knows that is more of an afternoon show. Well I guess I have settle for some Saved By The Bell comics like the one mycomicshop is selling.

Click on my Breasts Zack.

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Saved By The Bell Comics!!!!

Good old Harvey Comics feeding my addiction for Saved By The Bell. I am probably the reason you still see reruns on TBS in the morning. Every day with out fail I watch Saved by the Bell from 7:00am to 8:30am before I go to work. I know I’m an asshole by some your standards but I can’t help it. My girlfriend gets so mad at me when I talk about the episodes that I’ve seen hundreds of times over. I think my personal favorite is the murder mystery weekend. I always TiVo that one when it’s on. I’ve never owned any of these comics but I would love too, maybe I’ll bid on one of these. I like the one with the girls acting like strippers, seems like Harvey Comics knows whats up. Kelly in lingerie can’t go wrong.

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