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Top 100 Summer Comics… #93

My Incredible Hulk will almost always be written by Peter David.

That’s just what I see when I see “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” on the shelf. My mind automatically flashes to “Written by Peter David.”

But I don’t think Mr. David wrote this one. He didn’t need to. It was good enough to just go, “Okay, we’ve got the Hulk, and we’ve got the Gray Gargoyle. Hmm. Nuff said.” Well actually he did. But you know what? I should have known. The title is too witty to have been written by anyone else. “Still Life.”

#93 – The Incredible Hulk #363

If They Put Poitier and Curtis In The Next Hulk Movie, I’ll Be Psyched.

I woke up Sunday morning and The Defiant Ones was on TCM.

Just a great, great classic movie. Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis as fugitives from a chain gang, joined at the wrist, who hate each other. Both got nominated for Oscars for it.

But what if, instead of getting Oscar nominations, they got their wrist chain replaced with an alien weapon that bonded them together for life and gave them superpowers?

Well, then you’d have Hammer and Anvil.

That’s their first appearance right there. It tends to go for pretty decent bucks. Why? It’s called star power.

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