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Giant Comic Lots.

See these three Hulk comics?

They’re just the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve got here is a lot of comics. A lot of 1,173 comics, to be exact. Plenty of really good stuff in there too, including plenty of first appearances.

The price is already over 3,000, and I’m sure it will go higher. You probably could make a bid just for the hell of it. Not that we encourage that sort of thing in the slightest. Just would be cool to say you took a shot. Of course, with my luck working it’s magic on you by proxy, you’d probably end up winning. Same thing applies to this lot…

Go ahead, make that opening $29,999.99 bid. You know you’re just gonna get outbid anyways. Go on. You won’t.

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You Won’t.

You won’t spend the $60 plus shipping to buy both of these:

And then spend $25 plus shipping on these…

…so you can USE them to color both the coloring books AND the cards that came with them.

You won’t.

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