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Posters Of the Damned

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll post some items you may actually want. But today I’d like to take a minute and celebrate the auction items that are just shy of being given away for free. I don’t want to call them the dredges of the promotional poster world, but they’re undersized, under-realized, and often hawking characters or series no one cares about. They’re hard sells. But being set at rock-bottom prices turns a hard sell into a “why not” and that’s where these auctions find themselves. Check’m out and get impulsive.

I would buy a Frank Quitely illustration of a photo of my girl with another man. That’s how much I love his work. But what the hell am I looking at? The female, bug, Angel? Was any effort made to make her a real character? Why does a poster of her even exist?

George Perez at not his finest moment. Is it bad? No. But is it as good as Perez gets? Hell no. Also, I lose track of which Robin people care about and which they think is stupid. This one has my vote for stupid.

This one is a little different because this person isn’t selling a single poster, but a service. They are available for poster commissions of the sort you’re currently looking at. How can you say no? Anything you want drawn, in any medium! And at that price- so worth it!

And my favorite, a promotional poster for a series so forgettable and ill-conceived that I needed a reminder not only that it exists but that series of this type still exist. Thanks, poster.

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Post-Convention Psychosis

NYCC is over and the post-convention Ebay insanity has begun. Witness 100% markups! Thrill at promotional giveaways being sold for hundreds of dollars! It’s the fun of living in the most prosperous nation in the world. Spend! Sonic commands it!

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When I was 14, I went to Niagara Falls and spent $40 getting to the boss of this game only to run out of money and have two nerds come in and swoop the glory. I’ll see you in hell, thieves. Saw the falls for about one second.

And as a consolation prize of sorts, here’s some sideart for a different X-related game. Significantly less memorable, but included for those of you who can’t afford a fully functional coin-op machine in your house but want to celebrate X-Men in gaming.

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Here Comes the Bride

Last week I promised a bunch of 2000AD-related posts and I meant to make good on that promise, I really did. But my sister got married and it pushed everything back. Cut me some slack. For today, let me settle in while you take a look at marriage in comics.

Let’s start with the end-all of comic book weddings. This is iconic. People have this tattooed on them. It sets the bar and I’ve never seen it matched.

And here’s a slightly less-memorable comic book wedding issue.

And, finally, the least-memorable comic book wedding issue to come with two collectable cards and currently sell for less than cover price.

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Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants plus Levis 501 Denim

Back in the early 90’s I remember seeing a commercial for Levi’s Jeans that featured a young up and coming artist named Rob Liefeld. The commercial was directed by none other than Spike Lee, who at the time was directing a lot of Nike’s commercials. In the background you can see images of The New Mutant comics that Rob had begun illustrating for Marvel. The title was in a major slump until Rob came along and pulled it out. Later on Rob would leave and start Image comics along with some other great artists. Rob has been no stranger to controversy his career like many other artist has been plagued with many ups and downs. But I would rather focus on some of the milestones instead. These are few of my favorite New Mutant’s issues.


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I really like the Marvel What If series. It allows you to see other storylines of your favorite characters. All of these Wolverine comics have good concepts. Wolverine is one of those characters that has led so many different lives and he has battled with everyone in the Marvel universe. I keep telling myself that I am going to buy one of those What If graphic novels but I have yet to get one.

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Wolverine #48-50 “The Shiva Scenario” Comic Set

I remember buying this three part series back in the early 90’s from Thunder Road Comics. This was my first venture into Wolverine. Up until that point I had been a Spiderman and Punisher fan. I think it was the awesome artwork by Marc Silvestri that attracted me to it. carmsadoll is selling this for a decent price. In today’s comic market it is really hard to sell anything. But if you like a good origin story told through flashbacks with ensemble of guest stars this is for you. Logan is back at it trying to discover who he is and where he came from.

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Universal Health Care Mutants

We’ve featured Fastner and Larson art on Comic Noize in the past. But this piece, worth buying for the title alone (“Mutants of Canada – Unite!”), is probably the pulp art-team’s finest moment. Check this mess out. There are so many elements in this thing that would be considered unprofessional today. So many anatomy issues we can’t chalk up to style. And check out that lightning!

My favorite part of this piece is the totem monster fighting Colossus. Certainly, there has never been a better totem monster committed to paper.

That Alpha Flight piece is beautiful. Beautiful because it harkens back to a more innocent time. This makes me want to play Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing and be a real true fan. I’m almost able to separate myself from the idea that Marvel is a massive corporation recently devoured by a more massive corporation. It’s about the fans today, baby. Make mine Marvel! Alpha Flight for life!

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Apples and Oranges and a Few Decades In-between

So after gushing over that Buscema/Sutton piece a few posts ago, I’d like to offer something entirely different. Now, I understand this page is meant to convey something entirely different from the Man-Thing page. I also respect Humberto Ramos and am not trying to blow a single lackluster page out of proportion. That said, this page does not thrill me. In fact, it leaves me longing for those Sutton finishes we saw before. Where does this page take place? The vacuum of space would have some stars and shit in the background right? Is it the Negative Zone? Where is the background? Also, is that Iceman? I know the X characters have gone through some shit over the past decade, but hell, this dude looks like Shatteredglassman.

Am I alone in thinking this page wouldn’t have lost any of its intended emotional resonance if there had been some backgrounds? I don’t think it would have stolen away from the “moment” to know what planet they were on.*

*All apologies if this scene actually takes place in the Negative Zone, or if the colorist came in and created a vivid world using only shades of purple.

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Warren Ellis, Excalibur

Been doing what I can to catch up on some comic reading, especially with a couple of stressful weeks under my belt at work and dealing with car problems. One of the books I got to was this, the first collection of Excalibur written by Warren Ellis.

What’s interesting is how much of the Excalibur series is being collected into trades… I think pretty soon you’ll be able to have collected editions of almost the entire thing. Crazy. But back to this particular collection. It’s good. I remember being relatively interested – a decent mix of new / established artists (this one features everyone from Bill Sienkiewicz, Larry Stroman, Terry Dodson, Ken Lashley, and Carlos Pacheco), a fresh breath of air as far as the pacing and writing thanks to Mr. Ellis and the accompanying storylines that gave some pretty stale characters (there’s a reason the X-Men shipped them overseas…) a nice edge to them. Looking forward to revisiting the continued stories in volume 2, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read these books.

That said, these books aren’t without their problems. There’s a certain level of repetition to certain linguistic traits and sayings that make me think that either there was a rush on the book, there was a real editorial focus on Pete Wisdom saying “sod off” and spouting off about ripping someone’s head and spitting down their throat, OR that Warren Ellis was trying to establish this character’s voice in the pre-collection focused era where single issues were the main form and so… you have certain liberties there.

And the aforementioned slew of artists? Although done tastefully, at least in volume one it is a bit jarring as the styles switch frequently and sometimes without any particular reason. Was Ken Lashley slow to produce pages? Is that why we were given a few pages of Dodson work interspersed? I appreciate, however, the direction it took when Stroman came aboard, where they gave him a specific story thread to illustrate, and Lashley another, so that the change of artist acted in accordance with a scene change. Interesting idea that I think must have been established after the inconsistencies early. I believe this was remedied with Pacheco as he comes on full time, and I think that’s when the Ellis era really starts cooking. Not rewriting the wheel here… but also not relying on well treaded roads either.

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