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Top 100 Summer Comics… #70

Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld drew the cover.

Louis Simonson wrote the story. (way cooler in my book than the above, even though it’s a nice cover)

And oh yeah…

#70 – X-Factor 50

Cyclops blows the hand off a Celestial. NUFF SAID.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #74

I almost came to this post with a simple focus in mind.

I was thinking of a specific issue of X-Factor where Cyclops blasts the hand of a Celestial off. Like a simple “BAM. Cyclops blows the hand off a Celestial. Nuff said” post. But nah. I had to see a gem. I had to fall into the trap of “ohhhh” and “ahhhhh” that is browsing ebay for comic books. Nostalgia is a trap – enjoy it (AND THIS BLOG) but don’t get sucked in.

#74 – X-Factor 39

First off – the art on the issue is perfect. Kind of like a rushed Walt Simonson, but nonetheless Walt Simonson. I don’t know why, but it seems as though it matches the energy and frenetic pacing of the content. This is the conclusion of the Inferno crossover, which for some god forsaken reason is my favorite Marvel crossover of all-time. A strange conclusion to a crossover that hit most of the Marvel titles and turned NYC into a Hellish landscape with diabolical mailboxes and grinning buildings (Marc Silvestri really nailed the man-eating mailbox market) but in the end resulted in the first of what I would consider the large scale X-book crossovers…Okay, fall of the mutants counts too. But Inferno was a totally different level. I dig this book on a lot of level, and I think kind of defined this weird creepy tone that the uncanny and new mutants books carried at the time. X-Factor too, ironically, but to a lesser extent.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #78

Question: If someone told you that Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, and Wolfsbane would make up one of the coolest and most interesting x-teams of all time, would you laugh?


But Peter David didn’t. Well, he probably did. Dude’s pretty funny. But no one saw this team coming.

It was like Revenge of the Nerds, but worse. This team of X-Men couldn’t have walked on and joined the Tri-Lambs, let alone made it with the Omega Mus. These were losers.

But wow… talk about a grease fire.

#78 – X-Factor 87

Take that previous group, throw in Doc Samson for good measure (and by good measure I mean throw away puke vomit awful Hulk supporting character) and you have the best talking head comic book issue ever. I think I mean that. Joe Quesada threw down the pencils and did a good job – loved his mid 90’s style, which has since evolved quite a bit, but it did the deed here. But the strength is the writing. In 22 pages, Mr. David nailed these characters individually better than anyone before or since.

If you haven’t, you must read this issue. It might make you care about Wolfsbane. No, really.

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Let Me Paint You a Picture

Large windows providing sunlight deep into the afternoon. Hardwood floors. “Pumpkin Spice” color paint in the living room. “Velvet Evening” color paint in the large, modern, bathroom. Two shower heads. The appliances in the sleek, spacious kitchen are a dull silver color, lending an industrial feel. The furniture is functional and tasteful, never grandiose or garish. Plants, uniformly of the palm variety, add color. On the living room wall, in a simple black frame, this cover proof:

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Hot 100 Summer Comics… #90

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by looking at the tragic and short fatherhood of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.

His son became Cable, for all that is good and bad with the character. But for me, the most interesting and cool part about the character is how he got there.

#90 – X-Factor #68

Nathan Christopher Summers was captured and infected with the techno organic virus. There was a decision to make between saving his life by sending him to the future or… well there wasn’t much of a decision. The story set up the entire Askani’son storyline / future and I have always been a huge fan. The Whilce Portacio art is on point. Loved it so much that I think I used to trace this cover. OOF. I don’t think the issue available here will have trace impression on the cover.

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Larry is the Truth, Son!

Best creative paring during my comic reading lifetime (1991 to present): Peter David / Larry Stroman on X-Factor. I’m not going to attempt to justify this to you. It is simple fact; as real and immutable as the tides. Deal with it, yo.

Here’s a Larry Stroman signed copy of the issue that kicked off that untouchably great run. Apparently that signature adds $.10 because this thing is selling for a dime over cover price. This world is unfair and stupid. Larry and I are headed to the blue area of the moon where, hopefully, they appreciate greatness.

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And as for my unexcused absence…

This is my situation. 

Except replace the members of X-Factor with a heavy work schedule, an insurance licensing exam, and putting together furniture. Next week – best week of comicnoize ever. Believe it. And tune in for some weekend jammin’ too… 

As for this gem, great story.

Cool cover that is VERY similar to the published cover! The story about this cover goes that Jim Shooter was getting VERY nit picky and wanted several changes to X-Factor…he had x-Factor#1 cover redrawn TWICE..and this is the cover the John Byrne drew which is almost IDENTICAL to the published cover as the exact same battle scene is going on..but the published over was drawn by Mike Zeck inked by Joe Rubinstein. Don’t miss out on this cool 1986 cover! 

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