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Black Widow Without Black Widow

So my last post featured classic Larry Stroman art from an important issue of an important series featuring important characters. As a result, the page cost 10k.

In contrast, I offer this page from the Black Widow graphic novel. It is not important. It also may or may not have any characters we care about in it. We can’t tell because all I can make out is feet and distant silhouettes. As a result, the page costs $50.

Larry for any income.

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Someone Likes My Favorite Comic Book More Than Me

I think this brief period of X-Factor represents a high-point for Marvel Comics. For real. Peter David at his most pointed, Larry Stroman mixing the kinetic nature of the of the era with solid storytelling skills. I love this book.

But do I love it for the price this seller is asking? Does anyone? I gladly hand the mantle of “Biggest X-Factor New Team Era Fan” to whoever buys this at this price.

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For the Simonson Completist Only

If you’re not into picking up every piece of Walt Simonson-related collectable on this planet, you lame. Also, this post is not for you.

Remember when Simonson was doing licensed books like Close Encounters? No? Don’t feel weird, no one does. But here it is. With Klaus Janson!

What’s that you say? You want production art worth 1/1000 of what an original piece would cost you? Done. Here you go. And it’s from a run you remember. Simonson on X-Factor. Inferno! Forget Thor, this is the book he was born to do.

Now you’re demanding a Simonson cover on a completely forgettable Sherlock Holmes DC book? You want Denny O’Neil to have scripted this thing you won’t read? You are hard to please. But I got you.

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A Walt for Every Budget

We’ve done Simonson posts before here on Comic Noize, but really we could never do enough. The dude is a icon. So here’s a few auctions for you to peruse. Some original art, some production art and some mass-market stuff. Even if you don’t like Simonson (what? You crazy?) check the price on the commission. Who says we’re in a down economy?

Production art. I pump this stuff as much as possible. It’s just NEAT, bro.

A print from 84. Superman seems like kinda a dick in this one.

A 26 year old commission. Though the asking price is outside of what I’d pay for a car, nevermind an illustration, it is cool as hell.

A really cool poster that you’re going to have to try hard to convince your non-comic-reading domestic partner to hang in the living room. Good luck.

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Get Me Orange Juice, I’m High on X-Factor

Well, I’m hooked. The current Peter David X-Factor run I finally started shows much promise and I’m excited to pick up the other trades. I have a lot to catch up on. To celebrate my new love, I’m posting auctions that include the creative team of the first trade. Peter David and Ryan Sook in particular.

Will this ever be “worth” anything because it was signed by Peter David? No. Deal in reality. But if you’re going to own the issue (and you should) you may as well own one signed by David for only a dollar more.

Because I’m not a huge DC man or Mignola reader, I wasn’t intimately familiar with Ryan Sook prior to checking his X-Factor work. But I soon realized that I’ve passed by his material dozens of times. His range of work is so broad and multifaceted there is almost no disliking him as a artist. Here he is doing his best Mignola.

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Lest We Forget

Yesterday Marvel announced their upcoming event Fear Itself to much (any?) fanfare. Details are hazy at this time as are general ideas and even the vaguest conception of it aside from “it will involve Marvel characters, likely facing a struggle of some kind, with conflicts of some sort sprinkled throughout.” But we can all be certain it will be super important to our understanding of the Marvel comics universe and our own.

While we’re on the events train, let’s look back at my favorite* Marvel event: Atlantis Attacks!

Don’t remember AA? Shame on you. Get caught up with the following auctions.

The books themselves. Don’t look like a fool when someone references these truly unforgettable books. You know, maybe they’d talk about that epic fight in… er… or the real human drama that took place in… hm … or the really significant impact of the events detailed in… nope. No one will reference these. Buy them because it’s a slice of comics history.

The very important promo poster that invites you to “take the plunge” and buy all the books. Crucial. Great design work.

And what would any irrelevant crossover be without an even less necessary What If? book to hypothesize on slight variations on the original outcome we can’t even remember?

*After The Infinity Gauntlet, Inferno, probably even the Mutant Massacre… I don’t know, maybe Secret Wars 2 even. Actually Atlantis Attacks really sucked.

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Recovering from NYCC

Had a great time. It was more manageable than San Diego, but still feels like you’re at an “event.” I’ll be posting all week about it, but let me start with a plea for more Walt Simonson.

I couldn’t afford the very nice shirt (read: tasteful comic art shirt, the white whale) with his art on it, but will now be hunting for those on Ebay. In the meantime, this AWESOME poster will have to tide me over. Or tide you over, if you outbid me. Try your luck.

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Strong Guy

Maybe some of Peter David’s finest writing is the segment where Guido, bodyguard to Lila Cheney, joins X-Factor and has to pick a code name. Strong Guy is his choice, and the irreverence and annoyance with which the other characters react is perfect. Havok has never seemed so surly, and Mr. David did it perfectly.

So for the Strong Guy diehards out there, this one’s for you. Joe Madureira original art – nothing special here, but like I said, if you are just looking for a manageably priced piece of a loved character, this would do very nicely.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #17

For reasons now lost to memory, for the past four days I’ve had a wikipedia tab opened on my safari browser to the entry on Shinobi Shaw. I don’t know why. Throw me a Delorean and I’ll go back and ask Tuesday Bob, for now, I’m not questioning it. Just embracing.

#17 – X-Factor 67

Whilce Portacio kills in this issue. My copy of this was traced about a thousand times – and afterwards I was still not much of a better artist. However what sells this story on top of that are 1) Inhumans 2) Apocalypse before he became ’90s played out 3) Portacio’s Iceman was the best 4) Shinobi Shaw.

I guess this is father v. son week in the summer hundred, because I can’t think of a better “Hey dad!” moment then Shinobi Shaw buying out his father’s company, ruining his financial profile, implying that his colleague (a fat fat gross dude by the name of Harry Leland) was his actual father… and then using his mutant ability to give him a heartattack.

Talk about angst.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #48

My love for the x-men was really started with Inferno, which is kind of an odd event. Half true x-men event, half goblins and hellfire, for whatever reasons I really dug it.

One issue was particularly hard to track down, for whatever reasons. Maybe people just loved the image of the Goblin Queen sacrificing her son?

#48 – X-Factor 37

This was a hard chapter of the saga to find, and to be honest, I didn’t find it until the mid 90’s for some odd reason. So here I was, huge fan, just having pieced it together in my head what had happened. Worth it for the Simonson art alone.
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