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My Favorite issue of… The Avengers

Avengers #277

“The Price of Victory”

Roger Stern, John Buscema. I professed my love of this era, and this issue before, but I wanted to expand upon that, and center in on one of the issues that made me love comic books.

Absolutely, no questions asked one of the best single issues of any comic book series I’ve ever read. It has it all. Some action, some defeat, some destructive villains and a little bit of humanity. And by humanity, I mean Captain America crying.

A little background…

Basically the Masters of Evil had taken over the Avengers Mansion. At this period the Avengers had been going through some Atlantis drama, Namor, Attuma, etc.. and returned to some major issues. But this wasn’t your run of the mill Masters of Evil. Throw in Moonstone, Blackout, Goliath, Tiger Shark, Hyde, The Absorbing Man, and the Wrecking Crew, along with a out-of-his-mind-and-perfect Baron Zemo and wham – what amounts to the best Avengers’ conflict of the decade. A real great mix of second tier villains that had been thinned, but somewhat victorious by the beginning of this issue. Which brings us to an unbelievable mix that makes me think Roger Stern should be a part of this Avengers renaissance that’s currently going down. 

The Avengers get their second wind and overcome the bad guys, culminating in a great Zemo / Cap confrontation. Cap takes the victory, but then the watershed moment at the end as he cries over a ripped photo of his mother, his only one. This specific issue in the auction claims a 9.4 grading, which at the paltry $2.24 means it’s not an actual grading. Regardless, this issue is priceless and a MUST READ for any fan of super hero comics. Nuff Said.

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