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Wonder Wall

Here’s one for your wall. Don’t be a herb and squirrel this one away with your other original art. This is meant for hanging. Dining-room material. You don’t need to be a Ryan Sook fan or a Wonder Woman fan to appreciate what this would add to your office wall. It’s clean and direct, two sensibilities any room can benefit from. Buy this one and hang it, don’t hide it.

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From the Dark Underbelly of Original Art

Some people have regular jobs (we call them “regs” or “norms”) and, for them, Monday has some significance. I’m told these people need a pick-me-up on Monday morning to assist them through their miserable workday and unfulfilling life. To that end, I declare every workweek will begin with “Admit You Like It Monday.” On AYLIM I’ll highlight some of the more interesting original art auctions on Ebay in the hopes of making your eight hours at the foundry move along a little faster.

First, let’s admit we like this Scarlet Witch commission from Ken Branch. You may know Ken as the dude who goes to sports conventions and does original art depicting sports celebrities for them to then sign. No? You don’t know Ken Branch from that? Weird. He does a decent A-Rod. Here, he does the best Scarlet Witch I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what it is exactly about this piece that works, but SOMETHING. Wanda seems extra dynamic here.

Next up, we’ve got this White Queen illustration from Shelton Bryant. Obviously, this is the White Queen, Emma Frost, in all her glory. You can tell it’s her by the… hm… I’m actually not sure how you can differentiate this naked blonde from other naked blondes. But I’m confident that Shelton wouldn’t lie to us. It’s the White Queen. For sure.

And lastly, we’ve got this. It’s Wonder Woman. Obviously. She looks just like this in every Wonder Woman comic I’ve ever not purchased. It’s her look. Lee Rumiko, whose work really deserves a Google Image Search by everyone reading this, does the Amazonian justice here with his very realistic depiction. Admit you like it.

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Original Art by Fabio?

Like, FABIO Fabio? Got hit in the nose by a bird while on a roller coaster Fabio?

God I hope so.

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It’s Camping Season.

I’ve lost count how many of my friends have gone on camping trips so far this summer. Most recently it was my friend Rui. This one’s for him.

Bring this on your next trip to the woods, Rui. You won’t.

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All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…

Just one Pepsi.

With a lot of ice. In a DC Comics superhero glass…


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Those Who Forget The Past…

Remember in the 1960s, when DC Comics thought THIS was a good idea?

No sexist star spangled bathing suit, no convoluted background… just a modern take on an iconic character. Remember how well that went? Even Gloria Steinem wanted the original version back.

Well, this is Wonder Woman issue 600:

What makes this issue notable, aside from it being a milestone 600th issue?

Why a modern take on an iconic character, with a less convoluted background and a new non-revealing, non-star spangled costume of course

Yeah. As the good folks over at Topless Robot put it, Jim Lee’s stuck in the 90s design makes it look like Wonder Woman has decided to cosplay as 90s Superboy.

All she needs are the John Lennon sunglasses.

Thumbs down from me. It sounds like JMS may have some cool ideas about new villains, but I can’t say I’m interested in a Wonder Woman who was raised in an urban setting, and I REALLY don’t give a flying hoot where my superheroes keep their car keys, know what I’m saying?

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I never really got into Megos. I’m pretty sure I had a Hulk, a Spiderman, and a Spider-mobile as a little tyke, but that’s really it. I guess I came along just a smidge too late for them.

But some people really dig em. They’re very collectible.

Case in point. Under a day left, already over a hundred bucks. Or take a look at this guy:

Mint in package Mego Thor. 7 bids, $430 bucks, a hair under a day to go. Heck, even a line of generic Cavemen Megos is up to over $300…

So yeah. Clearly I missed out on something.

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I love cake. So much.

I do have to say though, that the Wonder Woman face that comes with this cake pan… kind of creeps me out. Just a little bit.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t devour or anything, just saying… being able to peel the face off Wonder Woman before you eat her cake is pretty freakin’ creepy. Add in the vacant stare… yeah. Creepy.

Also delicious.

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Cold Lampin’

After a month away, I returned to my apartment to face the awful truth that I live in a hovel suitable only for troglodytes and mole people. This is the sort of clarity you only get from stepping away from something long enough to take it in anew. The apartment isn’t beyond salvage though. I just need new rugs, a new shower curtain, and NEW LAMPS.

Batman is lameass and the Batcave looks like an adobe, but this might look nice on my desk.

We can get into how putting this in your livingroom ensures you’ll never be with a woman again, but why bother? This thing rules and who needs women when I have the son of Odin?

Wonder Woman lava lamp. Nuff Said.

I always felt that The Thing should have a self-illuminating head. Thank God someone took the time to craft my fantasy into a concrete reality.

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Riddle me this. 

Three vintage sticker packs from the 1970’s. 

Featuring some of DC’s best known characters, despite the dubiously missing Superman. 

Now why in the world would two of the three be bid on, but the third remains bidless? 

This world is full of mysteries.  

1 bid.

1 bid.

Zero bids.

Like I said… Weird.

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