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Eat Me, Batman.

Here’s just a smattering of the superhero-related utensils available on Ebay. Who knew people wanted to connect with their favorite characters while they ate? Because I suspect helps motivate a sale, I should mention that Catwoman has her whip in the spoon image. Get weird, 50-year-old men.

As odd as the collectors’ spoons are, I think the toddler utensils are even stranger. It says “Batman” on it. Can toddlers read? Serious question because I try not to know any toddlers so I have no idea. Wouldn’t an image of Batman himself be more effective?

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This is just weird.

Quick, you have to pick one artist to associate with Kitty Pryde.

John Byrne? Good choice.

Alan Davis? Good choice.

But how about…


Hmmmn… I’ve seen J.Mad draw Shadowcat once or twice. It was fine. Pretty good actually. But this combo makes no sense to me. Also, how awkward is that action figure? Is it even an action figure? Isn’t a Shadowcat figure more of a doll? Let’s be real.

This is an autographed Kitty Pryde doll. Be bold. Make the purchase. I thought you were a real fan.

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Start’m Young

Old enough to teethe… old enough to read! Here’s an effort on the part of Marvel to make fans for life out of toddlers. While I don’t know why an infant would want to chew on The Hulk’s hand, I respect their right to do so and, moreover, I respect Marvel’s hustle. God bless a free market. Make mine Marvel!

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