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But What Is It WORTH?

Here at Comic Noize, we often bring you items we know you want, other times bring you items you didn’t know you needed, and this time, bring you something just because it’s a good deal.

It’s true. None of you were searching out original Mary Worth strips from the 70s. That fact is evidenced by the current bid on this piece of history. Right now you can buy this bad boy (bad girl) for peanuts. And I urge you to do so. Why you ask? Why would you ever need a economically drawn comic strip about… well, I actually have no idea what the heck these are about. I even looked it up and I still couldn’t discern what the point of Mary Worth was. But that shouldn’t stop you from snatching these up. THEY ARE REALLY CHEAP. WHAT OTHER REASON DO YOU NEED TO ACT COMPULSIVELY AND PURCHASE?

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