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More Watchmen Cash-In Here

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what’s being sold here. But I expect a lot of this sort of thing to be on Ebay leading up to the Before Watchmen books.

A photo… poster… thing. Looks lovely in the living-room of a superfan.

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The Post-Hero Moral Dilemma

Is anything sacrosanct? Is there any single idea that cannot be touched upon out of reverence for the source material? That’s the subtext of all these Watchmen arguments floating around the internet today. In case you missed it, DC announced a series of books titled BEFORE WATCHMEN. As you might imagine, some fans are up in arms while others advocate for DC’s right to do whatever they want with those characters, and group advocating the third position of “I just want to read good comics!” has started to enter the melee.

My position? WHO CARES. Not “who cares about my position” rather, “Who cares” is my position. Give me new stories. Give me new characters. Don’t tell me what happened before. Tell me what happens after. Make it exciting and unexpected. Thrill me, dammit.

If you NEED to relive the past, start with this. Signed by Gibbons and John Higgins.

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DC Love.

As an unapologetic Marvel zombie, it’s hard to say this. But DC is responsible for some pretty cool comics. And here’s two posters that embody that DC cool. Superman done right is awesome – it’s sad that it’s become such a rare reading experience to enjoy a Superman book.

And despite the back and forth Watchmen love/hate surrounding the movie, this poster is almost completely undeniable.

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World’s Finest.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the creative team for the next Superman movie has been announced, and it’s a doozy…

That’s right. Zach Snyder directing, Chris Nolan producing, and a script from David Goyer. The Dark Knight team being in the mix has been known for sometime, and was very appropriate, given that Batman and Superman were the original World’s Finest team, but now to throw in the man behind what in my mind was the best Watchmen adaption we could have ever gotten, not to mention one of the few movie remakes ever worth it’s salt? Yes, he’s “controversial”, in that people either love him or hate him. Personally I think he’s got a great flair for visuals, but his emotional impact is only as good as his actors are (I’m looking at you, Malin Ackerman). Under the watchful eyes of Nolan, though, I think we’ll see Snyder really shine.

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Watchmen 1-12.

Watchmen is an all time classic. And single issues, in my opinion, are the classic comic book format. Nowadays though, the big thing seems to be to just buy the trades, and Watchmen has had plenty of trade editions over the years… softcover, hardcover, Absolute… but honestly, I think there’s something to be said for having them in the original (and as I said, in my opinion, classic) format.

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Who watches the Watchpins?

I know what you’re thinking. Over $100 BIN? For pins?

Truth is, these pins are probably worth it.

These were produced as a promo item back when the original Watchmen comics came out, and are pretty rare. If you’re a serious Watchmen head, you’re into this, because obviously at this point this isn’t meant to be opened up so you can pin Rorschach’s face blot on the pocket of your jean jacket with the Iron Maiden back patch. If you’re just some casual fan who liked the graphic novel or the movie but haven’t really thought about Watchmen other than that and wants to know why the bloody smiley face pin isn’t there… not really for you.

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