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For the Simonson Completist Only

If you’re not into picking up every piece of Walt Simonson-related collectable on this planet, you lame. Also, this post is not for you.

Remember when Simonson was doing licensed books like Close Encounters? No? Don’t feel weird, no one does. But here it is. With Klaus Janson!

What’s that you say? You want production art worth 1/1000 of what an original piece would cost you? Done. Here you go. And it’s from a run you remember. Simonson on X-Factor. Inferno! Forget Thor, this is the book he was born to do.

Now you’re demanding a Simonson cover on a completely forgettable Sherlock Holmes DC book? You want Denny O’Neil to have scripted this thing you won’t read? You are hard to please. But I got you.

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A Walt for Every Budget

We’ve done Simonson posts before here on Comic Noize, but really we could never do enough. The dude is a icon. So here’s a few auctions for you to peruse. Some original art, some production art and some mass-market stuff. Even if you don’t like Simonson (what? You crazy?) check the price on the commission. Who says we’re in a down economy?

Production art. I pump this stuff as much as possible. It’s just NEAT, bro.

A print from 84. Superman seems like kinda a dick in this one.

A 26 year old commission. Though the asking price is outside of what I’d pay for a car, nevermind an illustration, it is cool as hell.

A really cool poster that you’re going to have to try hard to convince your non-comic-reading domestic partner to hang in the living room. Good luck.

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The Lawnmower Man.

When they made the movie version of Stephen King’s The Lawnmower Man, they dropped the ball. So much so that King sued to have his name taken off it. To my knowledge, he didn’t feel the need to do so for the Marvel Comics adaption found in the pages of Bizarre Adventures #29…

The Walt Simonson illustrated adaption of King’s short story is the only real reason to ever pick this up, as Simonson knocks it out of the park. Sad to say, nothing else in the issue is memorable. The only other story in this I can even partially remember had to do with Jewish vampires and a cult or something. To which I say: meh.

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More Thor!

Since we’re still mostly on the subject of Thor, figured it couldn’t hurt to post a couple items having to do with what most people consider to be one of the characters best eras: the Simonson years, which were recently collected in an awesome Omnibus edition…

Yes, the years of Thor the Frog and Beta Ray Bill are some of Thor’s best. It sounds strange I know, but it’s true. Great art, epic stories, and the introduction of the DOOM sound effect. What’s not to love?

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Endlessly searching…

It appears that Walt Simonson dropped what by all measures has been regarded as an “ill” Thor shirt, the likes of which we mere mortals have yet to see. I don’t know about you, but I know that I would give… well likely I’d give $25 for a good Thor shirt. That’s a lot for a tshirt!

But since none of these have hit ebay yet, I’ll have to wait and bide my time with these lesser, but still pretty cool, Thor shirts.

Why, oh why, do you have to kill this shirt with the “It’s Hammer Time!” slogan? Seriously.

And in addition, came across this one while searching for Mr. Simonson on ebay came across this gem. File it under “doing cool shit before you were born” or also known as “comic con’s were not always cool”. Seriously. But this is cool.

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Recovering from NYCC

Had a great time. It was more manageable than San Diego, but still feels like you’re at an “event.” I’ll be posting all week about it, but let me start with a plea for more Walt Simonson.

I couldn’t afford the very nice shirt (read: tasteful comic art shirt, the white whale) with his art on it, but will now be hunting for those on Ebay. In the meantime, this AWESOME poster will have to tide me over. Or tide you over, if you outbid me. Try your luck.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #40

I almost don’t even know if I should talk about this as much as post the cover and the creative team.

#40 – Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

Walter Simonson, writer. (!!)

Mike Mignola, penciler. (!!!!)

Buttttt…. I will write a little anyways. An almost surprisingly awesome book, even with the credo that this particular writer/artist combo bring. Apocalypse was still early in his character development and I think this particular one shot went a long way towards establishing him. In my last post I mentioned how important the setting is to a great wolverine tale – this one is no different. Somehow Mike Mignola drawing Wolverine fighting cyborg T-Rex’s in the Savage Land just works on every possible level. If you’ve never read this, and I hadn’t for quite a while, dig it up and dig in.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #48

My love for the x-men was really started with Inferno, which is kind of an odd event. Half true x-men event, half goblins and hellfire, for whatever reasons I really dug it.

One issue was particularly hard to track down, for whatever reasons. Maybe people just loved the image of the Goblin Queen sacrificing her son?

#48 – X-Factor 37

This was a hard chapter of the saga to find, and to be honest, I didn’t find it until the mid 90’s for some odd reason. So here I was, huge fan, just having pieced it together in my head what had happened. Worth it for the Simonson art alone.
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Let Me Paint You a Picture

Large windows providing sunlight deep into the afternoon. Hardwood floors. “Pumpkin Spice” color paint in the living room. “Velvet Evening” color paint in the large, modern, bathroom. Two shower heads. The appliances in the sleek, spacious kitchen are a dull silver color, lending an industrial feel. The furniture is functional and tasteful, never grandiose or garish. Plants, uniformly of the palm variety, add color. On the living room wall, in a simple black frame, this cover proof:

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #87

I’ve spoken highly of theĀ Acts of Vengeance crossover before, but I sometimes forget about this very entertaining corner of the event.

Let it never be said that Walt Simonson has a lacking sense of humor.

#87 – Fantastic Four 334

In the first of three issues of hilarity, the Fantastic Four tackle pretty much every d-list villain out there. To the point that on all of the covers Simonson has Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing declaring “Yer Kiddin’, Right?”- you have to wonder if Simonson was dragged kicking into this crossover, given the flip tone to all three issues. Absolute great and fun story. Must read.

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