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Good Morning Comic Noize!

Think about how great your day would be if you had been woken up by the dulcet tones put out by this vintage Batman and Robin alarm clock!

Robin: Time to GET UP and out of bed!
Batman: Good boy Robin, very well said!

No cup of coffee could be stronger.

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Vintage Bat-shirt.

While scouting the ‘bay for shirts to post about over on TeeTillDeath, I stumbled upon this piece of vintage 70s Batman merchandise from seller drob50spurs:

Not only is this an awesome shirt, but the seller describes it as “buttery”. A “buttery” Batman shirt. That’s pink (description says orange, but it really looks pink to me). Def way cooler than any all over print Bat-shirt you can pick up at Target.

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Building Your Own Utility Belt:

I think the important thing is to have a Bat-buckle that’s original. When everyone else is going for the traditional black on yellow logo, I’m saying you go with this vintage metal number.

And then I guess you should worry about things like lock picks and smoke bombs and lasers.

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Now I just need to find a ViewMaster…

I think everyone in the age group of 20-40 probably owned a ViewMaster at some point in their childhood.

Looking back, it seems pretty wack, but I only have warmth in my heart for this weird toy.

I think if I had to explain this to someone under the age of 16 at this point, I would say…

“Well, it was before the internet. And before handheld mobile devices; it even predates the original gameboy. So, imagine something you could carry around and “watch” a story, but there’s no audio. You had to read along with it on the screen. You couldn’t use it in the dark, really.”

“I don’t think you’d be into it.”

But man – look at how cool those viewmaster slides look.

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Who DOESN’T need a good Joker tee?

Okay, let’s get real here. Heath Ledger did a good job in the most recent Batman movie as The Joker. Stole the show in a solid movie, but I walked away from the theater saying, “well, duh.” Christian Bale’s laughable latex voice was enough to ensure Ledger was the golden hit from that movie, but let’s not discredit a good job.

But he was NO Jack Nicholson. And even Jacko doesn’t do the comics version credit.

So stepping back, if your experience was anything like mine in the early to mid 90’s, it seemed like there was at least one weirdo who ran with the freak / scumbag / weirdo kids who had the illest weird joker shirt. He probably didn’t read comics on the regular, let alone want to talk about it to people who did. But he did hang out at the pool hall, smoke cigs by age 12, and tried to kick it to girls in 14 hole doc martens. These Joker shirts were not an easy commodity to come by, and with that in mind, I want to shout out to all the weirdos who wore Joker shirts when it counted.

Here’s four joker shirts, rated from 1 (acceptable) to 4 (aces). Bid hard.

1. OKAY. points for it being ledger-free, but the giant oversize print makes me think too much 2010, not enough 1990.

2. GOOD. Retro, cool. Slicked back Joker hair… maybe if you’re 15 and wearing this, you have black hair slicked back too?

3. GREAT. Now we’re cooking. Big props for this one being on a screen stars tee, a true mark of good late 1980’s t-shirts.

4. AWESOME. The Killing Joke. Perfect. Rep and respect.

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I mean, I like Cloak & Dagger too but…

Is anyone really going to drop $38.00 on this? 

They had better hope someone making a retro 80’s movie needs that perfect shirt for the strange alt girl who wears a trench coat and john lennon glasses with neon plastic jewelry.

All that said… if someone has this shirt in XL or bigger… let’s talk.

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