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Villain makeover needed.

And by makeover I mean…

“This could be one of the coolest villains out and he’s not. Someone save him.”


First off, this shirt is completely unnecessary. But why would they make it? Who wants it? I know I do, but does that make 11 of us? Also, couldn’t they have gone with his standard color combo, not white?

But back to the subject at hand. Like most characters, he didn’t start off too hot. Weird backstory (the evil brother of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man aka the worst hero this side of Cannonball. True story – I like Cannonball WAY more than Wonder Man) and a terrible costume. He looks like the green goblin, but only if the green goblin was a rodeo clown. With pirate boots.

But let’s talk about this – he’s THE MAN WHO KILLED THE AVENGERS. That’s cool. A good introduction. Had he looked less like a rodeo pirate, he might have gotten off on the good foot right away. But alas, it took some time. But he got better…

He goes HARD after his brother. Tries to kill Vision and Wonder Man, fails. Here’s the thing, if he’s not going to kill anyone, how can he be the grim reaper? C’MON ,MAN.

Look, the helmet thing could be cooler. But otherwise, I can standby this aesthetic. Given his powers, he could be an alpha. He could be bridging the gap with a cool pseudo mystical, pseudo dead, huge grudge against the Avengers… he could be a contender. Please, Marvel powers that be – fix this guy.

Only one sacrifice needs to be made to get this guy where he needs to be. Kill an Avenger. Guess who?

It starts with a “Wonder” and ends with a “Man.”

Top 100 Summer Comics #35

Sabretooth was an incredible villain.

The ’90s saw a rise of the villain-as-a-hero conversion. HATED it. Venom was never meant to be a good guy. Way too many bad guys being converted, and honestly, was it ever really cool? I say thee NAY. Let’s all be honest, it was way cooler when a hero went bad then the other way.

Sabretooth, like I said, was an incredible villain. And no amount of redemption would change that.

#35 – X-Men Unlimited 3

Basically, Sabretooth comes looking a free cot and a heaping dose of “Fix me, Xavier.” Spoiler: IT DIDN’T WORK. Even when he was assigned to an x-team they kept a collar on him – you could always see the attempts to make a popular villain into a dangerous (yet considerably more marketable) anti-hero. I hope that writers see the err of their ways because sometimes evil is popular because it IS evil. Redemption stories are easy. Give me dirt, give me grime, give me “you can’t come back from this” badness.

Sabretooth is an incredible villain. Let him eat.
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Lights out…

A funny thing happened last night, as I was preparing to do a couple of comicnoize posts.

The power went out.

Okay, no big deal. It’s 8 o’clock. Give it an hour, tops, I’ll be back in business. NOPE.

Power came back today at noon. So in honor of CPS for taking their sweet time to get my energy back on, my favorite D-grade villain of all time, BLACKOUT.

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