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Doing Lapham’s Dirty Work

David Lapham is selling some stuff. Some stuff you may want. Dude has high points and some deep troughs to his work, but there’s no debating his talent. Here’s a design piece from his Young Liars series. It’s nice to put money directly in a creator’s hands when you can. Jump on it!

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After ignoring the Vertigo series Scalped for so long, I finally did myself a favor and picked it up this weekend. And I when I say I did myself a favor, I mean I did myself a legitimate favor, because it’s AWESOME.

Scalped is like Breaking Bad and The Departed happening simultaneously on an Indian reservation, with a back story loosely based on history (all the main characters are connected to the murder of 2 FBI agents by a pro-Indian group in the 70s, a la the Leonard Peltier case. The character in jail for the murders is even drawn to look like him). Totally sweet pulpy noir goodness, with art that a lot of the time is like a cross between old Frank Miller, Cam Kennedy (Judge Dredd), and Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets).

If they’re gonna keep turning good comics into tv shows (Walking Dead, Powers), this’d be a great one to pick. A plot that has plenty of twists and turns without getting confusing, and lots of character work. A total thumbs up from me.

Scalped is ongoing, so I recommend getting the trades to get caught up, then segueing into the regular issues.

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Everyone… dead?

So I had a rather in-depth conversation regarding auditory hallucination vs. negative impulse control and that led me to think…

It’s a violent world. 

And for some reason, we (as humans) seem to be somewhat obsessed with not only violence, but death. And we (as comic fans) reflect that very same thing. Big two, let’s see what you’ve got.

DC? How about… LOBO. DC’s finest badass of the late 80’s and early 90’s… I think he’s lost his bite as of late, but that’s bound to turn around. 

Marvel? No one’s deadlier than Frank Castle… aka…

Or, if a deal is what you seek, howzabout that 2nd printing? 

Or maybe you want to get metaphysical with me and Neil Gaiman. And Death. 

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