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Spider Man vs Wolverine.

One thing 1980s Marvel was good for was pitting their top characters against each other in mini-series and one shots. Fantastic Four vs X-men and Avengers vs X-men we’ve already discussed. And then of course there was this:

Spiderman vs Wolverine.

The old face of Marvel vs the new, so to speak.

On the surface, it’s a weird set up, with Spidey somehow ending up in Berlin mixed up in KGB shenanigans alongside Logan. 1980s style KGB assassins (in other words, guys with uzis) and Spiderman… not really a combo you’d think of right off the bat. But it works, because the story spends so much time working on characterization and on the moral dilemma Spidey finds himself facing. It’s not just a Wolverine snikts everything in his path story. In fact, Wolverine is basically just a supporting character; this is a Spidey story through and through. It also sets up the reveal of the Hobgoblin’s identity over in the Spidey books, as number one suspect Ned Leeds bites the dust (boy what a mess that turned out to be. That’s a post all in itself).

And yes, Spiderman and Wolverine have a knock down drag out brawl. Obviously.

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