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Top 100 Summer Comics #19

The son, the father.

Always an amazing dynamic. Easily the most cataclysmic family dynamic of the Marvel Universe.

And when Marvel Boy’s father got to be a bit too abusive… well, as my friend Jason Scheller would say… “Click, Click, BOOM.”

#19 – New Warriors 20

Maybe one of the most out of left field murders in Marvel history. But it led to a trial, and to be honest, this was the tipping off point – it’s not that I didn’t like New Warriors after this point, but it was just not the same. The book was start to spread out the characters, and the dangling plot lines were being tossed every which way. Note that this is off of 20 years of memory, but I still enjoyed. I am dying to dig into the attic at my mom’s house to pull out my New Warriors run and nerd out…

*That said, I only said it once in the first of these posts some 80 days ago, but the random summer comics are only Marvel. Why? Because when I was at the height of my comic book revelry, I was a strict Marvel zombie. That said, with age, I’ve grown to like all sorts of gross stuff, like salad dressing and sushi. So I’ve developed a certain love, respect, and downright enjoyment for many things DC… so in the fall I’ll be doing the sequel to this run, the “30 things DC does better than Marvel” postings. Hope you enjoy.
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