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Celebrate our Soldiers…

And the first that comes to mind is obviously Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.

But I/we celebrate him enough, thank you very much.

But maybe ol’ John Walker deserves some attention. Half man, half super-soldier, half dickhead… He still loves our country. He served as Captain America until he got too extreme to wave the flag, so they sent him on the DL level to be a company man in the Avengers. Hell, his last mission sent him to become a part of Alpha Flight, and he still went! So for that, here’s to you U.S. Agent.

Happy Memorial Day!

– I always thought the black outfit was such a cool look. So hard.

– The only thing out of place is the D&D ad on the cover of issue #1 – John Walker would give any Dungeon Master a swift kick in the ass.


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What’s cookin’ in Plano, TX???

Custom figures, that’s what. And some AWESOME custom figures at that.

I think this is a cool scene – people who take the time, effort, and obvious skill level to make customs of figures that either don’t yet or just straight up won’t ever get a figure mass produced. Kudos – my inner child salutes you.

While the prices are somewhat prohibitive to casual interest, I think it’s reflective of the time invested. Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to click through and see some of the others…

U.S. Agent. He’s been mehhh in recent years – but in his glory days as the fill-in Captain America and then being shipped off to the West Avengers (or Avengers West Coast at the time) – golden.

Polaris in a more recent look. I think she’s been rockin’ this in the recent Space X-Men adventures. Always an underrated x-character.

Madelyn Pryor, the Goblin Queen. If you have never read the Inferno crossover… do. So cool. There’s also a What If? Issue based on the series with Ron Lim art, one of my favorite comics. Might have to write that up soon.

Ben Reily, the Scarlet Spider. Truth zone – I got back into Spidey comics to read the clone saga because I dug the Scarlet Spider look. I promptly dropped the books after I realized it was like getting on a train three stops away from a sharp cliff and no tracks…

Saving the best for last…The New Mutants. Magma, Magick, Karma, Cannonball, Doug Ramsey…err I mean Cipher, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Mirage. Well done. 

US Agent rules.

Why do I like US Agent? Because he’s Captain America. If Captain America were an obnoxious jerk with a pun for a name. There’s something awesome about that.

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