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And as for my unexcused absence…

This is my situation. 

Except replace the members of X-Factor with a heavy work schedule, an insurance licensing exam, and putting together furniture. Next week – best week of comicnoize ever. Believe it. And tune in for some weekend jammin’ too… 

As for this gem, great story.

Cool cover that is VERY similar to the published cover! The story about this cover goes that Jim Shooter was getting VERY nit picky and wanted several changes to X-Factor…he had x-Factor#1 cover redrawn TWICE..and this is the cover the John Byrne drew which is almost IDENTICAL to the published cover as the exact same battle scene is going on..but the published over was drawn by Mike Zeck inked by Joe Rubinstein. Don’t miss out on this cool 1986 cover! 

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