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Top 100 Summer Comics #58

I, like most (somewhat) sane humans, have phased in and out of my interest in comics. Sometimes it bums me out that I have, but especially with the valleys that the mainstream comic world has faced, I think it’s almost expected.

One of the books that got me back in was this one. It’s strange to say because it takes a TRUE Marvel (Zombie? FOOM? Merry Marvel Marching Society Member?) Nerd to get back into comics due to such a continuity heavy and dense series. I don’t have much to say other that this excerpt from wikipedia spells out why I salivated at the idea of Earth X, and this, the first issue I bought of the entire trilogy.

#58 – Universe X 1

“With the Celestial embryo gone, Earth’s mass is reduced, causing a shift in orbit and polarity as well as drastic worldwide climate changes. One-fourth of New York’s population dies as temperatures plummet. The Tong of Creel, a cult dedicated to reassembling the Absorbing Man, begins killing those who hold his fragments. Under Mephisto‘s influence, Pope Immortus founds a church advocating mutant dominance of the galaxy and the destruction of Reed’s Human Torches.”

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