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When Things Go Wrong…

You are looking at a set three damaged 8″ Sideshow Universal Monsters, Creature, Frankenstein and Wolfman.

*CONDITION: damaged, these have only been displayed and never played with so they have no wear but each has a broken arm that happened during shipping.

No worries. Hit them with some super glue, and they’ll still be around.

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I’m Duty Bound To Post These…

But quite frankly, as a rabid Universal Monsters fan, I want to hog them all for myself.

To start, we’ve got a set of Universal Monsters Old Maid cards from 1964

Followed by these 4 Remco Universal Monster figures from 1980, all of which I had as a 3 year old and systematically executed during a “melt your toys on the light bulb” phase… IDIOT IDIOT STUPID CHILD MOTHER FATHER WHY DIDN’T ONE OF YOU STOP ME!!!

I don’t even care about them not being MOC or they even still glow in the dark, I just want redemption.

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I Have Just One Question…

Does this guy combine shipping?

Because, Polar Lights versions or not, at $10 start, 0 bids, and only a few days to go, these are potential steals.

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There’s Not A Lot I’d Spend Over 100 Bucks On…

These 1960’s Universal Monster drinking glasses tho…

Yeah, I’d seriously consider it.

Looking at these, an interesting question comes to mind. If you paid $100 or more for drinking glasses, would you actually drink out of them? Almost definitely not…

But what if you were drinking blood?

Ok, fine, cheap HBO tv show spin off “blood”… yeah who am I kidding, no one is actually going to sully the classic monsters of the past with cheesy HBO sexy time monster merch.

I hope.

Maybe I better bid on them. Just to be safe…

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