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I Read It For the Articles

The following post is labeled NSFW or NWS or whatever acronym denotes the fact that the material being discussed is for adults and apparently adults are not allowed in the workplace.

I’m trying to bone up on my comix knowledge. My understanding of COMICS is pretty high, but my exposure to underground COMIX is not as extensive. Hence, I’m on Ebay looking at Bizarre Sex. Kitchen Sink put this anthology series out in the 70s and it seems like a live one. I’m going to pick up some copies now and I urge you to do the same. Let’s experience this together.

Insect fetishists probably worship this issue because finding content elsewhere is likely difficult.

If we’re to judge a book by its cover, this is the best book of all time. First, it makes no sense. But not in a DC during the 70s sort of unfulfilling way. This is the sort of nonsense I can take. Also, check its proclamation that its more popular than pro hockey. This comic hasn’t come out in decades and I was lucky to find any issues at all on Ebay, and it’s STILL more popular than the NHL.

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