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My Favorite Uncanny X-Men (cover)

I’ve spoken highly of Marc Silvestri before, and I think it’s pretty clear that I am among the many who was / is a devotee to the church of Xavier.

At one point, like many others I’m sure, I would have told you Wolverine was my favorite comic book character. But the 90’s killed him.

He became a caricature of what he was supposed to be, he was softened by the successful Fox animated series, and overexposure just escalated. And this was 15 years ago – as is now he’s a member of both the X-Men and the Avengers and has no less than 2 books published with him as the headliner a month, ongoing or otherwise.

But when Uncanny X-Men #251 dropped, it was the ultimate seal of my approval for Wolverine. He was grizzled, defeated, crushed. But he wouldn’t roll over and die.

This cover exemplifies the issue, although when you see the use of purples and green tones, it might give you some otherworldly feel. The only otherworlding going on here were hallucinations on the part of Wolverine, which added to this issue feeling as low as it should have. The X-Men had disbanded, crossed through Siege Perilous (it’s a long story…) and basically chosen a chance at normal lives over the fight they had given their whole lives to. But not Wolverine. He was the last of the outback X-Men, crucified by Donald Pierce and the Reavers, basically the twisted and contorted broken branch of the Hellfire Club tree.

This was not a child friendly comic book. He’s crucified. On a pile of bones. And just as it seems like this it… a light in the darkness. Jubilee.

In hindsight… that’s pretty funny.

But it doesn’t change my utter devotion to this issue. Absolute classic.

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The Juggernaut! The Juggernaut! The Juggernaut!

Cain Marko’s on a mission
And he has no fear
Get ready for pain
Because the Juggernaut’s here
Six foot ten 900 pounds
Of pure fury
He’s his own judge
And his own jury

I hear the footsteps
I feel tremors
No one can stop him
The Juggernaut

Here comes destruction on two legs
If you cross his path punk
You’re better off dead
Because all he wants to do
Is get paid
And if you’re in the giant’s way
Stay the hell outta his way

I hear the footsteps
I feel tremors
No one can stop him
Who is it?

The Juggernaut!

The X-men vs…

My favorite team line up of the X-men was always the late 80s Magneto allied team. Wolverine. Colossus. Shadowcat. Havok. Longshot. Dazzler. Punk rock Rogue and Storm. Hell yeah, total bad ass era of the X. I think my fondness for this team is in large part due to my childhood exposure to two 1987 X-men miniseries, where that team went toe to toe with the two most wholesome of mighty Marvel super teams: The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

I read issue 2 of X-men vs Avengers in Fiske’s General Store while at one of my sister’s soccer games (the field was up the street from the store, so I would wander up there and spend my allowance on Batman cards and penny candy while my parents watched the game). I was instantly enthralled, despite missing the first issue (and subsequently never reading the last 2 issues until years later), and since I know I ended up owning the issue, it may even have been one of the few comic books I actually convinced my parents to buy for me. You had the Avengers trying to bring in Magneto to stand trial for crimes against humanity, the X-men doing everything they can to keep Magneto from getting brought in, Magneto WANTING to stand trial but needing to destroy a portion of his old asteroid base that had fallen to Earth first, and the Soviet Super Soldiers interfering every step of the way because they want to kidnap Magneto and bring him to Russia for a trial free execution. Just straight awesomeness, even with Dr Druid being on the Avengers at the time, and drawn by Marc Silvestri when he was at his absolute best.

Sadly, the fourth issue fell kind of short when it came to matching the awesomeness that preceded it, as the entire creative team changed (writer Roger Stern abandoned it because of editorial interference with the plot, and Silvestri was brought over to Uncanny X-men), and as result the story and art became far more blah. Still, 3/4 of awesome still comes out to a majorly awesome mini series.

Fantastic Four vs X-men I actually remember some what less fondly. Not due to quality but because I was swindled out of my issues relatively quickly by the kid across the street (in this same manner did I also lose the X-men/Teen Titans crossover, and those bad trades are probably why I could never get into record/shirt trading). Because of this, I actually am pretty foggy on what happened. I do remember that the focus was on Franklin Richards and Kitty Pryde, with Franklin having precognitive dreams about his father destroying the FF and Kitty slowly phasing away because of her injuries from the Mutant Massacre. A little research tells me that the full plot involved The X-men trying to force Mr Fantastic to help Kitty, but Reed is going through a crisis of conscience because of the discovery of a journal he wrote (or did he?) that says he let the FF’s fateful flight fail; it’s torn the team apart and shattered his confidence so he won’t help, so the X-men instead accept the help of Dr Doom. Mad beef ensues.

If that doesn’t sound cool enough, take a look at those covers and tell me you wouldn’t be sold on this mini-series. Reed Richards in Dr Doom’s armor, standing over a fallen Sue Storm and a crying Franklin with Wolverine sneaking up behind him declaring his intentions of murder? That’s some intense stuff. I also dug how the covers then proceeded to tell a story (tho it’s not the actual story of the miniseries; the covers actually fill out Franklin’s nightmare from the first issue), but truth be told, I could have done with out the speech balloons on the first two issues. I mean, would that 4th issue cover be better with Franklin getting a “The X-men killed my family. I killed the X-men. Now my family is going to kill YOU” word balloon? I don’t think so.

Both are mini series’ are now available in nice hardcover versions, but I think I personally would prefer to pick up the original issues. Not because they’re cheaper, but because my memories of them are so wonderfully pulpy that I’d need them to be on yellowing pages with old ads for full enjoyment. I’m the same way with back issues of Creepy. But that’s a different entry.

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