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100 Days of Summer Comics… #96

John Romita Jr. is a favorite of mine.

Hopefully he’s a favorite of yours.

His Spider-Man is infamous. But what about his Daredevil? Because I LOVED it.

#96 – Daredevil 276

Acts of Vengeance will get it’s own post from me sooner or later. But goddamn, how cool is this cover? Basic gist of the crossover is that the villains got together and decided, in an attempt to finally usurp their enemies, to essentially “switch off”. So you ended up with some cooky battles, but this was my favorite. Daredevil versus Ultron. So grimy. So dirty. J.R. Jr was far from the fully developed artist he became by the 90’s, but he was already a master. His work was so perfect I don’t think I needed to do much more than post this cover. Do what you can and check out as much of his 80’s Daredevil work as you can. Forgotten classics.

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