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Top 100 Summer Comics… #83

Sports and comics intertwine in the weirdest ways.

Like that one Marvel had a Football player superhero who might as well have been sponsored by the NFL.

Or… that time a cosmic bet was made by Uatu on the outcome of a one-handed Spider-Man playing football against bullies. This really happened. And you know what? 8 year old me loved every second of it. Of course it makes sense that in their free time cosmic entities gamble on school yard sports.

#84 – Web of Spider-Man 34

The cover says about all that needs to be said. Oh yeah. Spider won.

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Perfect way to ring in the Summer.

I don’t know who was making the decisions over at 7-11 in the 1970’s, but bless their heart.

Their inebriated, intoxicated, comic loving heart. Who other than an absolute diehard would think…

“you know what would be cool? UATU on a SLURPEE CUP!”

And the best part is the blurb / bio on the back of each cup. Pure genius.

In the interest of space, I will give just a small sampling of my favorite. Please note the absolute Double A roster of heroes – there are definitely some bigger names from this seller that I didn’t include (Hulk, Spider-Man) but the sheer number of low level Marvel heroes is astounding.

I implore you to click through and read the bios. And also spend some time perusing the rest of the items from this seller. Some real gems, but staying in the Slurpee realm, please note two of my other favorites: Native American Rain-In-The-Face and Kansas City Chiefs QB John Stenerud!

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What moral responsibility do war journalists have? Are they obligated to intervene on behalf of their subjects? Should Eddie Adams have dropped his camera and jumped in front of the bullet instead of taking that Execution of Vietcong photo he’s so famous for? This is the sort of thing that keeps dudes up at night. But not Earth-616’s Watcher, Uatu. He doesn’t have the privilege of being able to debate this with his conscience. He’s not sitting in a community college Ethics 101 class. He’s in the bush! It’s real life for him, man.

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Quasar + Manga = Mixed results?

I’m working on a Quasar (who?) mega post. Chris inspired me with his killer New Warriors post so I’m going to aim high. 

Consider this an appetizer.

Wendell Vaughn was like a true life Clark Kent. Nerdy, bad hair and an even worse streak of luck. But for poor Wendell, even the quantum bands (read: fancy space bracelets) didn’t really make his life better. Or easier. Or even really cooler. So we’ll dig into that later this week, but until then, there’s this.

For the 1 quasar fan reading this, wtf? I didn’t know how to feel about this… but then I looked at it again and thought, if anything, he looks cooler than the real Wendell Vaughn ever did. And how about that Uatu (The Watcher)? Kinda works. At least considerably more than that weird as all get out FF. Anyone read this? Give me some feedback…

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