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True Hearts and Tommy Guns.

You know who doesn’t get any damn respect?

Dick Tracy.

Sure, there was the movie with Warren Beatty, and there have been some nice looking hardcovers over the past few years that have worked towards collecting the strips in full (though they royally pissed me off by increasing the size and changing the layout after 3 or 4 volumes), but for the most part, nobody gives a crap about America’s square jawed super cop, at least eBay sales wise anyways. And that sucks. Quite possibly the best comic strip ever. And no Dick Tracy, no Batman rogues gallery. ’nuff said.

Anyways, before I got all riled up and digressed, what I wanted to post about was the Kyle Baker drawn Dick Tracy mini series from 1990, when the movie came out.

Allegedly, Beatty’s ego couldn’t bear to not have his own visage in the two comic book preludes to the movie, and of course in the movie tie in comic itself, so Baker’s original, presumably more lantern jawed, version of Tracy was replaced with approved drawings of Beatty. Which really isn’t that big a deal, since Baker plays fast and loose with the art anyways; using a much looser style than Gould over all, yet somehow getting more grotesque on the famous rogues than even Gould himself without losing sight of the originals, as you can kind of sort of see in this auction for a promo mobile (You know, like what you hang over a babies crib? Weird choice). But it works.

As I said, there were three issues: 2 preludes that fill in the back story on the movie universe, and the movie adaption itself, which I’ve actually never read despite seeing the movie probably 50 times since first seeing it in theaters as a kid.

I suppose the plus side to Dick Tracy stuff not being a big ticket item on the ‘bay is that these are plentiful and cheap, so I’ll probably snag one. I suggest you do the same. While it’s not quite the same as Gould’s Tracy, it’s still a good read, and a visual treat.

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