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Thanos week is going to be Thanos Two-Weeks.

Memorial Day is for families, so I give you the mad demi-god in family-friendly form. Here’s a Mighty Muggs version of our favorite purple death-lover. Suitable for children. We’ll return to our normal program of Thanos as a pan-genocidal madman tomorrow.

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My Hero is a Monster

Just caught up on Hickman’s Fantastic Four. I wasn’t as crazy about it as most people seemed to be, but I enjoyed the interplay between the adult characters and children. The Johnny Storm death issue felt truncated to me but I did manage to pull something from it, even if it’s not what Hickman intended: Ben Grimm rules. I know the issue was supposed to be about the Human Torch’s sacrifice and how it helps define an otherwise aimless character, but I didn’t care about that. I love The Thing. Before the Torch can make his stand, Ben steps up to the plate. He just assumes he’ll be the one to die in the Negative Zone. It’s his nature. It only took a panel. That panel said everything there is to say about Ben.

Celebrate The Thing with this horrible depiction of him from the late 70s. He looks like hell here, but it’s a nice addition to your Ben Grimm shrine. Going for cheap(ish) too. Good grab.

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Ken Dolls Assemble!

Am I off-base here, or does Hawkeye look like a dick? I know the dude is supposed to be wiseass and almost a full-on dick, but this figure really pushes it. If I were a kid excited to hit the nearest Toys R Us to grab a cool new action figure, I’d pass right over this Prince meets Dane Cook-looking jerk.

I’m curious, did anyone who bought this do anything with it but have it die at the hands of other figures? Maybe smash it against a Mockingbird figure to simulate sex? I can’t see too many other applications. This auction has a low price attached at the moment so this is your chance to have a figure just to abuse.

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Half Effort

You know me. I try to put the time and effort into a good post. A little research, dash of passion, and BLAM! the site becomes a daily destination for you, the reader. But today I saw something I couldn’t get excited for. Something so anemic and underwhelming, it almost crossed the line into impressive. Almost. Instead, I dozed off and woke up looking at the same crappy toy in the same poorly put-together auction.

Check out this turd. Hydroman. Already one of the least remarkable villains on the Marvel single issue throwaway battle go-to list, this toy seems to really underscore just how lame this MF’er really is. Or it could be this auction, which goes to zero effort to sell this thing. Heads up, when attempting to sell something with no value or appeal, it might behoove you to point out the few good qualities it does have. Or use nightclub lighting. Or lie.

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A Day of Reckoning Is Coming, Toymongers

Listen, like you, I desire posts with substance. I appreciate you spending your precious work hours looking at this blog instead of being productive for the companies that employ you. So I’d like be super-pro here and offer some serious insights regarding this Black Bolt figure.

I can’t.

Instead, I’m going to go on record as saying this is the most demeaning representation of a proud character that I’ve ever seen. That’s saying a lot. Is there any hero of my youth that won’t be put through an grinder and served to me as slop with flecks of poop in it?

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The Art of The QUICK Flip…

Ahh, the beauty of the big event. This past weekend was what should now end all debate, ┬áthe second biggest comic book convention in America, New York Comic Con. Only behind San Diego and I wouldn’t be surprised if it someday surpassed SDCC… but it’s hard to argue against 75 and sunny.

As with any and all conventions, festivals, special events, swag was produced, and some in limited quantities. So here’s the first batch I’ve come across, with much more to come. If you are thinking about any of this stuff, definitely clink it because some of these items end soon.


** How creepy is that Wolfsbane minimate? At first glance I thought it was a naked Sunspot. Ew.

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Dear Toy Companies,

Cut me a break. I am desperately attempting to rid myself of this collecting affliction. I’m doing my best, but these kind of deep cuts are sucking me in to new, dangerous worlds of products. For example.

These toys echo not just cool heroes from my childhood, but weird versions. Purple, giant “M” Magneto? Fresh from the future, a future where bandanas are wildly popular, Bishop? Jubilee? Jubilee? Really? And the throw-in Wolverine, I’m not crazy about. (Nor am I banana jacket Jubilee, but the Magneto makes up for it) ┬áBut these “mini-mates” are just about a reasonable enough size that I could keep them neatly arranged and also easily hidden (swept into a drawer) when other grown-ups are about.

For my adult life style, and wallet, please refrain from making anymore of these. And making them limited edition doesn’t help either – it’s like saying the cocaine is caramel flavored. Stop.


A Fan.
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Shazam, driving.

As a dog person (aka I have a soul) I was confused about this.

I guess it could also be attributed to my lack of knowledge of the toy car scene. That said, when I saw this listing I was thinking about some sort of outfit for a dog. I mean, I’ve seen much weirder?

Vintage Corgi Junior “Shazam” Captain Marvel

Dig the fact that it looks like Shazam is in the car driving? Quick thought – why would anyone who can fly drive anywhere? *Things that make no sense…

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Now I just need to find a ViewMaster…

I think everyone in the age group of 20-40 probably owned a ViewMaster at some point in their childhood.

Looking back, it seems pretty wack, but I only have warmth in my heart for this weird toy.

I think if I had to explain this to someone under the age of 16 at this point, I would say…

“Well, it was before the internet. And before handheld mobile devices; it even predates the original gameboy. So, imagine something you could carry around and “watch” a story, but there’s no audio. You had to read along with it on the screen. You couldn’t use it in the dark, really.”

“I don’t think you’d be into it.”

But man – look at how cool those viewmaster slides look.

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The Perils of Licensing

Are these real? Is toy and model licensing done in the same fashion as defense contracting? Lowest bidder style? Even the best of these is still something I wouldn’t pick up for a dime at a garage sale. Mole Man is one of my favorite characters and the outright disrespect he’s enduring here is too much for me. Look at these freaking things. It’s gross.

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