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Do you recognize this face?

If not, then that means you haven’t checked out IDW’s awesome, English translated collections of the Spanish crime comic Torpedo, aka Torpedo 1936, which is notable not only for it’s black humor and violence, but for having it’s first two issues drawn by comics legend Alex Toth, who was replaced by the Kubert-ish Jordi Bernet after leaving due to disagreeing with the series dark tone.

Torpedo is the quintessential noir anti-hero: a hit man with zero redeeming qualities. He abuses his sidekick, he kills almost every one he meets, he abuses and rapes women (who almost always fall for him after, weird), and betrays his partners with impunity every stretch of the way. Basically every story is a variation on some combination of those themes, but they’re always enjoyably cold blooded. If you’re a crime and noir buff who also loves comics like me, this’ll be right up your alley.

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