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Top 100 Summer Comics #65

Sometimes I think it’s important to acknowledge the difference between good and bad, important and irrelevant. If you don’t know one, how can you know the other?

For example, Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction has been universally well received. But how would you know how good it is if you haven’t read a ton of BAD iron man comics? Actually this theory is very flawed, but I’m going to go with it. So rather, sometimes good and bad can be easily differentiated. But to what depth good is GOOD and what depth bad is BAD needs clarification and experience.

#65 – Iron Man 325

Here’s a good case of how BAD is BAD? I actually dug this issue. Trying to re-read it isn’t easy, but I can accept it for what it is. The cover is pretty classy and I think holds up. To sum this one up quickly, basically Tony Stark turned out to be a jerk/loser/murderer/villain, and they had to time-warp a younger, uncorrupted version of him to set things right. And then old Tony maims young Tony and… then the whole damn thing was undone by A) Onslaught B) those Image guys C) Really bad editorial decisions or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE, correct answer. It wasn’t great comic book. I wouldn’t call it good comic book writing. But it wasn’t a reset. It was an attempt. And honestly, give me rough, weak attempts at NEW over regurgitation or having to completely “reset the ride” to get quality any day.

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