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Tom Scioli is one of the most original artists in comics, despite a career based on ripping off one artist exclusively. How does that work, exactly? Well, many of us grew up watching creators ape their contemporaries. At any given time there was Jim Lee and then eight or so guys who could have been called Jim Le, Jim Lei, Jimmy Lee, James Leee, or some variation thereof (get into the post-Bruce Lee boom of martial arts films for reference). It’s like bands that list their peers as influences. It sucks. It makes you wonder why anyone does anything at all if it’s only to fit in with the guy beside him.

Scioli rips off Kirby. Someone who has been dead for 17 years. Beats the hell out of ripping off one of his peers. Actually, I don’t know if we can even call what Tom does “ripping off” at all because it’s a clear homage without any sad efforts to bask in reflected glory. It’s clearly done with love and not cynicism. And it’s awesome.

So why does the title of this post urge you to not buy this fantastic piece of original art by an amazing artist? Because the seller doesn’t have the respect for his clientele to include a decent-sized image of the thing he’s selling. I want this art but don’t feel like rewarding this bad seller behavior. NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO WANT MONEY: SHOW US WHAT YOU ARE SELLING. IT HELPS A BUYER TO KNOW WHAT HE’S PAYING FOR. YOU LOOK FRAUDULENT WHEN YOU KEEP THINGS MICROSCOPIC. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

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