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Namor, the Old-Timey Butt Kicker

Have you ever reflected on just how long Namor has been wrecking cities and then doing weirdly kind-hearted stuff that makes us all forgive him? He’s a fully developed character in the respect that his motivations are his own and writers aren’t obligated to make him fit a mold. He does good; he does bad. Just like all real mf’ers. Salute to Namor, the realest dude.

Here’s an expensive appearance by our man. He throws a car at police in this issue. ACAB.

But, he also extinguishes a woman on fire! He’s got layers and facets.

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Classic Captain America

Hey, did you catch the Captain America shield in Iron Man 2???

Wait, everyone did. They practically hurled it at you.

So for the one or two per 1000 who missed it, I think that Iron Man 2 will be in the theater for a minute, so go back and see it. For everyone else, feast your eyes on some Jack Kirby / Joe Simon era CAPTAIN AMERICA original art. Seller says he will have some other stuff worth your time…

and I’d say after checking this auction I would agree. Wow. 1941. Timely Comics. Was Stan Lee even an intern yet?

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