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Marvel Third Eye Posters

In the early 70’s, Marvel was hot.

Not hot like today, with all of the movies, the disney merger, and a pretty great decade of comics just past, Marvel is riding high. But in 1971 – Marvel had shown some stick for their series, their characters, and their brave new world that was really just under 10 years old.

So, while the iron was hot, why not hit the public with some killer blacklight posters! I say that jokingly, but these posters produced by a somewhat seminal company, The Third Eye Inc., who produced not just these but other black light posters of the time. I think they are pretty cool, but here’s two of my favorites. Some of these, in good condition, can sell for a pretty penny.

Pretty iconic, and honestly, much better than any of the movie related posters out there. No diss, but c’mon. They just can’t pull this image off for the masses.

Perfection. Simply stated “Dr. Strange meets Eternity.” Wow. If this were in better shape, I guarantee it would be a lot higher starting bid…

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