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Top 100 Summer Comics… #83

Sports and comics intertwine in the weirdest ways.

Like that one Marvel had a Football player superhero who might as well have been sponsored by the NFL.

Or… that time a cosmic bet was made by Uatu on the outcome of a one-handed Spider-Man playing football against bullies. This really happened. And you know what? 8 year old me loved every second of it. Of course it makes sense that in their free time cosmic entities gamble on school yard sports.

#84 – Web of Spider-Man 34

The cover says about all that needs to be said. Oh yeah. Spider won.

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What moral responsibility do war journalists have? Are they obligated to intervene on behalf of their subjects? Should Eddie Adams have dropped his camera and jumped in front of the bullet instead of taking that Execution of Vietcong photo he’s so famous for? This is the sort of thing that keeps dudes up at night. But not Earth-616’s Watcher, Uatu. He doesn’t have the privilege of being able to debate this with his conscience. He’s not sitting in a community college Ethics 101 class. He’s in the bush! It’s real life for him, man.

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Dang, this was going to be for Tomorrow…

But Chris beat me to it. What If is essential, and like jello, there’s always room for more. 

So instead of holding these… might as well make some “evening delight”. 

These were made for the fanboys.

Before the original What If series, most of these ideas were strictly for fan fiction, submissions, and chitter chatter at shops, in basements and other places where tales of fictional worlds are made even more fictional. 

But the Comic Gods smiled upon us with Marvel’s What If series. I’ll admit it – I have gone back and checked out the original series, and I dig it. It’s good, but it wasn’t my first exposure. That original series debuted in 1977 and ran until 1984, about two and a half years before I got on board. So when this series debuted with the blazing headline of “WHAT IF…” I was intrigued. And after a few incredible issues, I was hooked. 

But it all started with the first issue of that second run. 

The Evolutionary War was a series that ran through some of the popular series annuals in 1986 or 1987. As opposed to the super mega-crossovers that would occasionally take over multiple comics and cross many lines, there were somewhat regular annual only crossovers that did a decent job of providing a nifty story that saw teams and characters collide without mucking up too many storylines in the main series. Atlantis Attacks, Evolutionary War, Days of Future Past (oh, loved this one…) were all good examples of this. Essentially the High Evolutionary wanted to force evolve (shocker considering his name) homo sapiens and the world at large. But it didn’t happen. What if it did?

The humans all evolved… giant heads. This included superheroes without genetic alterations, like Captain America, Hawkeye, etc… so that kind of explain El Capitan up over here with the giant dome. What about the mutants and others who were somehow altered? 

Oh they just started being called the Godlike Ones. Their powers were all enhanced and things get very heavy from there. It all ends up in not only humanity developing a uni-mind and defeating Celestials but also the “Godlike Ones” essentially destroying the universe. Roy Thomas, I owe you a big handshake for this one, because it certainly expanded my 7 year old brain. I don’t think I really wrapped my head around how meta it was for years. Classic issue. And it started an entire wave of great issues in this series that eventually fizzled. 

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