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The Walking Dead 1 – 13 Graphic Novel Zombie Comic

I’m sure many of you are familiar with The Walking Dead television show on AMC. But for those you who don’t know, the series is actually based off a comic book that Image put outwritten by the super talented Robert Kirkman. iphizzle has made it really easy for you to research the story further by selling 1-13 of the graphic novel. That’s a shit load of apocalyptic zombie mayhem. I highly recommend this series you won’t regret it. Then check the show On Demand.

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The Dead Have Walked.

The ratings are in, and AMC’s The Walking Dead knocked the severed head out of the ballpark, hanging eye ball and all. According to the Hollywood Reporter, not only did the show bring in over 5 million viewers, but it was the highest rated debut for an AMC show ever. Suck on that USA Today’s PopCandy and your “AMC finally unleashed The Walking Dead … on the one night of the year when no one was home” tag line.

So what did I think of it? I thought it was great. Definite movie caliber production values on my tv screen, and while I’m not particularly a gore hound, I can’t see any one who is having a worthy complaint (I’ve seen a couple people bitch about the CGI blood for the head shots, and I have to say, if that’s the only complaint you have for a show that ended with zombies rolling around in animal intestines, you must be very jaded. The flip side of that is also that the show must be very good if that’s the best the jaded community can come up with). If the extended work with Morgan and Duane is any indication, the detours from the comic book are going to be well worth it (and I am already sad as hell knowing that if they do follow Morgan and Duane’s arc from the comic, we won’t be seeing Lennie James’s excellent work as Morgan again for years). I’m sure some will find the pace slow (and they should get used to it, since the comic isn’t round the clock intestine munching), but to me it rolled out with just the right amount of tension. At the end of the hour and a half I actually found myself bemoaning the week between episodes, something that rarely happens for me.

Definite grade A meat. Next Sunday can’t come quick enough. I expect the already high prices for the early issues and full runs to jump even higher as the show rolls on, especially if it sustains its numbers.

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Walking Dead Compendium

Walking Dead is about to explode on the small screen, and so far the reviews on it are decent. I am skeptical at best, but the comic has done very well and become somewhat of a cult phenomenon.

What I do love is that Image has made it really easy for a broader audience to check the book out. They have pushed it consistently as well as continuing to use events like Free Comic Book Day to introduce the book to anyone willing to give it a whirl. Here is my favorite look for the book – a 48 issue compendium collection that takes you from issue 1- and on for about 1000 pages or so. Great look, and the edition looks awesome. This retails for $60, so scoop it up for $31.99 + $3.50 shipping. Not too shabby.

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The Walking Money.

I seriously had no idea that issue 1 of The Walking Dead brought in such prices. I can only imagine how high the prices will jump if the tv show is a hit.

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Swag Diego Comic Con.

Well, the San Diego Comic Con is over, which means it’s time for the goodies to start hitting eBay, be they freebies or limited edition collectors items that people are now trying to flip.

First, we have this cute little Red Hood hood, a promo for DC’s soon to be released Batman: Under The Red Hood animated dvd.

One of the hottest things coming out of SDCC was The Walking Dead trailer shown at the WD panel, and here’s a pin and promo card for the show.

But enough of the freebies, on to the limited stuff… Minimates had limited Battle Beasts! And the Real Ghostbusters are back in Mego form!

Oh man, BLASTER! AND Sgt Slaughter! And old school Orko and Prince Adam! Clearly, retro was very in this year.

And of course, if you’re bummed you missed out on all the free stuff, you can just be a total dork and buy a bag o swag.

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Well This Snuck Up On Me…

The Walking Dead hardcover volume 5.

Out now!!

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