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Muscle Beach Castoff Vs Boca Raton Gigolo

Can we agree this is the best the Hulk and the Thing have ever looked? Marvel really missed a branding opportunity with these two. Think about how much more iconic these characters would have been if this is the look other artists had embraced for them.

The Thing’s shirt is so fly. I’d be pissed if the Hulk tore it too. Buy this 1980 poster today. You need this in your home.

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Jim Starlin Knows Monsters

I like to provide proper auctions rather than Buy It Now listings, but this one includes a Make Offer option so we’ll say it’s all good.

It’s a Jim Starlin print that features a number of deformed monsters in a pig-pile. Starlin is obviously one of the greatest of all time, but the appreciation for his work seems to have diminished over the past few years. Mostly because people are morons. Take advantage of that decline and lowball this seller.

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Thanos Week, our parallel to Shark Week, continues with this odd find. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about a copy of Marvel Two-In-One, even if it’s an annual. So why so pricey?

Could it be the appearance of a certain moon-dwelling death-obsessed space weirdo? Could have something to do with a prune-faced demi-god? I think so.

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It’s a Dog’s Life Here in the Blue Area of the Moon

To finish out “Canine Week” on Comic Noize, I was going to do a Lockjaw megapost. But look at what I’m confronted with. This cover of The Inhumans doesn’t feature Lockjaw at all. What the hell is that? Medusa is good enough to be devoured by a poorly designed Gobot but Lockjaw doesn’t even make the cover?

This is more like it. My man gets his own sculpture. It’s pretty handsome too. Pick this one up (it’s got a very reasonable Buy It Now price) and place it next to your The Thing bust on your desk and recreate their classic conversation.

Speaking of that unparalleled pairing, check this out while you’re at it.

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My Hero is a Monster

Just caught up on Hickman’s Fantastic Four. I wasn’t as crazy about it as most people seemed to be, but I enjoyed the interplay between the adult characters and children. The Johnny Storm death issue felt truncated to me but I did manage to pull something from it, even if it’s not what Hickman intended: Ben Grimm rules. I know the issue was supposed to be about the Human Torch’s sacrifice and how it helps define an otherwise aimless character, but I didn’t care about that. I love The Thing. Before the Torch can make his stand, Ben steps up to the plate. He just assumes he’ll be the one to die in the Negative Zone. It’s his nature. It only took a panel. That panel said everything there is to say about Ben.

Celebrate The Thing with this horrible depiction of him from the late 70s. He looks like hell here, but it’s a nice addition to your Ben Grimm shrine. Going for cheap(ish) too. Good grab.

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Hey Ben why so Grimm?

My friend Ben is an interesting man. Growing up poor in New York City down on the L.E.S. he was able to overcome adversity. Ben was a highschool football star who excelled at science and math two things I was not good at. He earned a full scholarship to Empire State University where he met Reed Richards. I never really cared for Reed because he hooked up with Sue while I was dating her. Any way after his accident Ben changed. He became more depressed thinking he would not meet any chicks. Until I hooked him up with Alicia Masters. Yeah I know she’s blind but you know what? She is smoking hot, but then that prick Johnny had to go and take her from Ben. Ben got her back and guess what turns out Johnny was porking some shape shifter from Skrull. A few years ago Ben was lucky enough to be featured in a movie about his life with the Fantastic Four. I told him things are starting to look up for him and he should start to feel better about himself. I mean if I had movie about me and toys and clothing with my picture on it I’d be happy. I told him ladies are going to be lining up for a piece of that rock. Ben is in better spirits today he has come to terms with himself, and as long as he gets to say “Its Clobberin Time” all is good. So I say Ben why so Grimm?

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Your Last Chance To Be the Superhero Known as “Santa”

Quick! Before this auction ends and Christmas ends, grab this weird-as-shit book up! It features the ever-lovin’ Thing working with a very strange-looking version of Ghost Rider to (apparently) bring peace to a very stereotypical rendition of the holy land. How can you beat that?! Check those white arabs and the tacked-on Middle Eastern architecture! Just too awesome for words! Act now!

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Redesign gone wrong…

The new look for Wonder Woman has been a big topic. I without question agree with my fellow ‘Noizer and give this two thumbs down. It’s screaming 1994 in the worst way.

Speaking of… way back when Mrs. Richards aka Susan Storm aka the Invisible Woman had a pretty horrific makeover herself. To set the tone, Vampirella and Lady Death were hot and the “era of bad girl comics” was in full effect. So, someone with a great deal of originality and understanding of the character thought “Hey, why not?” and THIS was the result…

Hrm. Really? ¬†And the jacket wasn’t really a part of the outfit. So for better reference…

Yeah. Thigh highs and cleavage peek-a-boo. Classy. And what about The Thing? Why’s he got a iron mask over his face?? Well, he got scarred. Yes, the giant rock dude had half his face melted, and being the vein creature he is, saw the need to cover that up. Maybe they threw in a “needs to heal” side story, but I don’t remember.

If anyone is unaware of this era of the Fantastic Four… I recommend it for the morbidly curious. Its dark, convoluted and overall pretty crappy. Yuck.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #80

It’s always been a fun concept for writer’s to play with the powers of the Fantastic Four.

Recently (well, relatively) Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo did a nice job of a Human Torch / Invisible Woman power swap. Well done, worked in the context of the story really well.

But my favorite take on this happens to fall in the pages of the almighty WHAT IF…

#81 – What If… 11

In a nice mix of vignettes, these stories from tragic to upbeat and goofy. A fun read I would recommend to any comic fan with a passing interest in the character. It’s sad that the place in the world of hero comics for these kind of issues, focused on quick, fun, sharp writing has shrunk so much in the shuffle of things.

Cold Lampin’

After a month away, I returned to my apartment to face the awful truth that I live in a hovel suitable only for troglodytes and mole people. This is the sort of clarity you only get from stepping away from something long enough to take it in anew. The apartment isn’t beyond salvage though. I just need new rugs, a new shower curtain, and NEW LAMPS.

Batman is lameass and the Batcave looks like an adobe, but this might look nice on my desk.

We can get into how putting this in your livingroom ensures you’ll never be with a woman again, but why bother? This thing rules and who needs women when I have the son of Odin?

Wonder Woman lava lamp. Nuff Said.

I always felt that The Thing should have a self-illuminating head. Thank God someone took the time to craft my fantasy into a concrete reality.

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