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Duh na na na, Duh na na na, FOREGROUND!

Love all 4 of these Neal Adams Batman covers, even if they’re are variations on the same “giant villain in the back ground, Batman and Robin cowering in the foreground” template…

That Joker cover is an all time great, but dude. THE SHADOW. In a Batbook. That’s AWESOME. It’s such a shame the whole Shadow in the DCU thing they tried in the 70s didn’t work out. Hopefully they can get the rights and work Mr Cranston into their excellent First Wave series, which has Batman working in the same universe as Doc Savage and The Avenger.

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Who Knows How To Draw An Awesome Freakin’ Shadow?

Bill Sienkiewicz knows.

This is some straight up censored Age of Quarrel LP sleeve artwork steeze.

Be sure to click on the pic and check out the sellers other auctions, he has literally TONS of signed goodies up for sale, including the rest of the portfolio this came from.

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