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Where Were They?

It just occurred to me, you know who wasn’t in Thor, that I actually had kind of been hoping to see in it? The Enchantress and The Executioner.

Don’t pretend that you wouldn’t have been into an evil blonde’s cleavage and a Norse god wielding dual M-16s.

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Ain’t No Fun Waiting’ Round To Be A Millionaire.

Especially when you look up comic book auctions on eBay all day long and get to watch auctions like these that you know are going to bring in some serious bank for both the seller and the buyer.

This first auction is only at $76 right now, but given the spectacular condition, and the fact that there’s still 6 days to go, it’s guaranteed to skyrocket…

This second one especially makes my eyes turn green and the drool start leaking from my mouth. Amazing Spider Man #2-50, sold as a lot. Good God do I wish I could get in on that high bidding action.

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I never really got into Megos. I’m pretty sure I had a Hulk, a Spiderman, and a Spider-mobile as a little tyke, but that’s really it. I guess I came along just a smidge too late for them.

But some people really dig em. They’re very collectible.

Case in point. Under a day left, already over a hundred bucks. Or take a look at this guy:

Mint in package Mego Thor. 7 bids, $430 bucks, a hair under a day to go. Heck, even a line of generic Cavemen Megos is up to over $300…

So yeah. Clearly I missed out on something.

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If Thor Was A Madball:

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Sum total of the hatred of 2 billion beings destroyed by Odin! Apparent cousin to a minotaur! Possessor of tenta-hands! Wearer of a Ramses beard!

How do you NOT love this guy? Such an incredibly crazy Kirby design.

This dude really needs to make a come back. Yeah, sure he showed up when Thor initiated Ragnarok back in 2004, but really, who didn’t? It was basically a cameo and he got jobbed in like… a page. I mean, if ZOM can be a major storyline factor in World War Hulk, it’s only fair for Mangog to get another shot.

Come on. Give him a chance. HE HAS TENTA-HANDS for crying out loud!

Coming tomorrow:


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