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Market Forces Are More Powerful Than Terrigen Mists

I’m pretty rough on the Big Two for diluting the racks with superfluous titles made to cash-in on the readership of the core books. For example, Thor has a movie coming out so there’s more interest in him as a character right now than there has been in years. What’s the response from corporate? Churn out five other Thor books in addition to the flagship Thor title that readers have already invested themselves in. The result? Thor burnout. The god of thunder becomes Nicolas Cage, where you see the dude so often you begin to resent his stupid face.

Many people believe comics won’t see a turnaround in sales until the major companies get it through their heads that readers want really solid core titles. Why dilute an already drowned market?

I feel this, but it’s important to look at it in context. Is this really a new phenomenon? At one point I was buying Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man. They’ve been milking me for years! That said, the critics have a point. We’re all more broke than we were in 1989. It might be time to circle the wagons until the market rights itself. We’ll be missing out on new stories and we’ll be exposed to fewer new creators, but most of us are missing out on them as it is because we can’t afford them. Those of you into weight training will understand this analogy: the current system is building beach muscle. All arms and pecs. The system people are proposing would be akin to core training.

The following auctions are examples of supernumerary titles from days gone by. Happier days when people would say, “sure! I like the Inhumans, why not buy this stand-alone non-continuity story that seems unnecessary?” Those were the days. Maybe we’ll get back there when a new generation falls in love with comics.*

*You know, that time in the future where there are no video games and internet to steal away the interest of the young people.

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