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Posters get clowned on this site, by me especially. They are clear evidence that you’re under 24 and make less than $23k per year. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I USED TO THINK. Now I recognize that posters are cool, have always been cool, and will always be cool. Yeah, it might be hard to convince your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, concubine, maid, person you pick up at a bar, etc that a Hulk poster hanging in your living room is the behavior of an adult professional with upward mobility. But what if that poster is a Lee Weeks Hulk illustration that perfectly captures the childlike nature and constant frustration of the character? What then? Who can deny it?

And what if it’s classic? People collect vintage Coca-Cola signs and proudly put them in their homes; why not Fantastic Four posters?

Or what if it has a great message attached? What sort of anti-education troglodyte would poo-poo this pro-literacy poster featuring C3PO? A monster, that’s who.


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Post-Halloween Bargain Hulk

The holiday has passed and all that remains is smashed eggs on the sidewalk, toilet paper in the trees, and deep discounts on costumes on Ebay. Ever wanted to be the Hulk? Ever want to be the Hulk after someone else already wore his ripped purple pants? Here’s your chance. Gamma radiation, priced to move.

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For some random reason, I decided to search for this Incredible Hulk one shot today. I have no idea why; I owned it as a kid, and I distinctly remember that it wasn’t anywhere close to a classic read…

…and when I found it, I also found this awesome piece of original Gahan Wilson cartooning:

Given the price, I have a hunch no one’s going to buy it any time soon tho, heheheh… funny thing is tho, I had totally forgotten that Marvel actually had a super villain named Quasimodo (short for Quasi-Motivational Destruct Organism, duh): a sentient computer that was given a cyborg body by the Silver Surfer, and got pissed off that the body was ugly and turned evil.

Even funnier than this characters mere existence is that they brought him back some 20 years later to “compile” the Dark Reign Files for Norman Osborn.

Actually, I take it back. That’s a pretty good modern day use for an evil, sentient computer system from the 60s with a silly Victor Hugo inspired name and character design.

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Get Me That Time Machine, STAT!

Oh, the Hulk is fighting Absorbing Man on a rocket somewhere between 400ft and outer-space? Man, this comic hits the spot. It’s everything that made 70s comics great. Right down to the brandbox with what appears to be a swing-dancing Hulk in the left hand corner. Weird perspective, imperfect feet, Hulk looking like a green Marlon Brando; it’s all perfect. Buy this just to celebrate a time gone forever. And expect an Absorbing Man super post soon. I love this dude. What’s up with his egghead here?

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A Rampaging Hulk Derailed My Train of Thought

The human brain searches desperately for connections and hopes for patterns to emerge wherever possible. If allowed, your thoughts will glob onto the thoughts floating next to it until you have a big booger of ideas rolling around your brain. This happened for me today when I picked up a “The Longest Night” X-Factor trade at my local comic store.

Peter David’s original run on X-Factor is among my favorites in comic history so it’s reprehensible that I haven’t given his second go at these characters a chance until now. But I haven’t. As I sit here thinking about Peter David’s career, my mind ran to his time working on The Hulk which I considered often clever but a little scattered (I’m not angry- anyone gets scattered writing the same character for a decade). Then I started thinking about the artists he worked with during his Hulk years. Among them, George Pérez.

Pérez is not my favorite Hulk artist, but he’s a brilliant creator who I have a deep respect for. This commission up for auction sums up my feelings on Pérez well. It’s not the sexiest piece I’ve ever seen, but like all of Pérez’s work, it’s solid.

Here’s an oddball auction I’m using to celebrate the career of another Peter David Hulk collaborator, Dale Keown. Keown in some ways was emblematic of the climate of comics during his most visible years. He did a great job on a big two title, created a strong name for himself he believed could be flipped to success in the creator-owned world and then quickly realized writers are important. His book Pitt never had the buzz of the other Image books at the time, mostly because it was an idea people felt they’d seen before. Familiar ideas are nothing new to comics, but familiar ideas from an artist without a strong writing background to add spice often fall flat. I’m not here to insult the man and say Pitt was a total suck-fest, but let’s all agree it never blossomed. Anyway, this poorly printed tanktop would be awesome to play pickup basketball in.

That was my train of thought on Peter David today. As you can see, it veered off path at some point. I’ll see if I can’t realign my thinking and get back on the highlights of David’s career tomorrow.

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Lest We Forget

Yesterday Marvel announced their upcoming event Fear Itself to much (any?) fanfare. Details are hazy at this time as are general ideas and even the vaguest conception of it aside from “it will involve Marvel characters, likely facing a struggle of some kind, with conflicts of some sort sprinkled throughout.” But we can all be certain it will be super important to our understanding of the Marvel comics universe and our own.

While we’re on the events train, let’s look back at my favorite* Marvel event: Atlantis Attacks!

Don’t remember AA? Shame on you. Get caught up with the following auctions.

The books themselves. Don’t look like a fool when someone references these truly unforgettable books. You know, maybe they’d talk about that epic fight in… er… or the real human drama that took place in… hm … or the really significant impact of the events detailed in… nope. No one will reference these. Buy them because it’s a slice of comics history.

The very important promo poster that invites you to “take the plunge” and buy all the books. Crucial. Great design work.

And what would any irrelevant crossover be without an even less necessary What If? book to hypothesize on slight variations on the original outcome we can’t even remember?

*After The Infinity Gauntlet, Inferno, probably even the Mutant Massacre… I don’t know, maybe Secret Wars 2 even. Actually Atlantis Attacks really sucked.

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Aurora Models Rule.

I’ve said so before. Many times. But it’s been awhile since I’ve stumbled upon any. So I’m real psyched to see the 4 of these (5 if you count the 2nd Batman model) up all in row courtesy of seewolfesplace.

The Hulk has that sick metallic sheen, and Batman is pretty pristine looking, but I think I like the Superman one the best. Sure, it’s beat. That’s why I like it. It looks it’s age.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #27

When I first read that Hulk was going to be on an alien planet, my brain groaned.

Why. How can that be cool. Ugh. Stupid gimmick. This will suck.

But then… it didn’t. It really didn’t. It was actually awesome.

Greg Pak did it right. The trick – he developed and built out the world around the Hulk. No pre-existing stories, no muddled continuity, just a raw story and a civilization that felt new, weird, and in general, foreign. In many of these stories, where a character is jettisoned off into a completely new and different direction, the path is paved with a lot of missteps, failed attempts, and bland crossovers to try and draw in a new audience. Outside of a well placed appearance by the Silver Surfer, this storyline was devoid of anything close to those well-beaten roads.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #59

Incredible Hulk, Peter David, yadda yadda yadda, perfect match.

But what about the third wheel on this dream date?

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s gone on to do things like buy very expensive baseballs and stuff. He was a new guy. Hadn’t quite found his niche. But you know him as…

Todd McFarlane.

#59 – Incredible Hulk 331

And what an interesting debut it is. Peter David is in a full on Claremont-ian dialogue dump, and Young McFarlane is miles away from what he would become even a few issues into this run. From what I’ve read in various trades and accounts, NO ONE wanted to write the Hulk. David took it as a “yeah, sure. I’ll do that.” gig, no clandestine plan behind it. And McFarlane was considered a potential but somewhat unruly artist who’s story telling ability was poor at best.

Peter David went onto write some 100+ issues of the Hulk. This McFarlane guy went on to create something named “Spawn” which is to see he made the most successful Batman-meets-Spiderman ripoff ever.

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Batman Always Thought He Was SOOOO Freakin’ Special.

Spoiled rich boy running around, flaunting his cave and his gadgets and his fancy vehicles…

Well guess what buddy, the Hulk is tired of your better than you attitude, and is stepping his superhero game up:

That’s right, the Hulk has his very own utility belt.

Suck it, Wayne. Suck it.

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