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Ring A Ding Ding!

I am a big fan of Eric Powell’s the Goon. I also do entries over on our sister site Vinyl Noize. And it was in the other auctions of a seller whose auction I was writing a post about that I found this signed Eric Powell sketchbook from the 2003 Chicago Comic Con, which promises racy pictures inside. Ring a ding ding!

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Speaking Of Eric Powell…

I have both of these prints.

I picked them up at the NY Comic Con last year. Had them both signed too, and I rarely care about autographs. I just like Eric Powell’s artwork, and his series The Goon, that much.

I still need to get some frames…

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I Am A Fan Of The Following Things:

The Creepy and Eerie horror comic-magazines Warren Publishing put out in the1960s.

Eric Powell’s The Goon.

So naturally, I am a fan of this promotional poster for Dark Horse Comics revival of those anthologies:

I have no idea who any of the rest of these characters are outside of Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, nor do I care. They’re picture perfect additions to the family.

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