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The Deadly Foes of Spider Man.

One of the best early 90s miniseries that Marvel put out was The Deadly Foes of Spider Man.

I say it right out like that because it’s just a straight up fact.

The great thing about this mini was that rather than have Spiderman be the main character, he served more of a background player. The story itself was focused on the B grade villain team of the Sinister Syndicate.

It’s actually a pretty bad ass line up. Hydro-man, Rhino, The Beetle, Speed Demon, and Boomerang… those are some pretty rad B-listers there. All the potential in the world with those guys, and this mini capitalized on it, giving them all some well needed characterization. The mini then proceeded to throw in perennial Spidey punching bag the Shocker, and threw in a dose of A list Marvel villainy via the Kingpin serving as puppet master, manipulating everything from behind the scenes as the Syndicate members plot and scheme against and with each other to achieve their own individual needs.

Unfortunately, the 1993 follow up succumbed to the worst excesses of the time period, dropping the tightly wound storylines of Deadly Foes in favor of an “every villain but the killer Kitchen Sink” approach. I mean, we’re talking what’s left of the Sinister Syndicate PLUS Doctor Octopus, The Vulture, The Answer… even STEGRON makes it in to this one.

Stegron. That’s a post of all it’s own. Yeesh.

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