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Unsure what to get your loved ones for the holiday? Can’t decide on that office Christmas party gift? Well, here you go.

Joe Shuster, of Superman fame, getting freaky as the day is long. Can’t beat it. Nothing better than famous people’s not-famous work. Wait, there is something better: When that not-famous work is heavy kink! This is a phenomenon that we won’t be blessed with again because there’s no taboos left. You can work in Hollywood after directing German Goo Girls. The boundaries are erased and the world is better for it, but work like this has a distinct charm I’ll be sad to see go.

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Rep Your Set! Comic Book Attire For the True Superfan

Toss it out to the world that you love comics. Fly your freak flag high!

This is casual attire for a townie bar or a comic book convention. Clever.

I don’t buy leather jackets. Is this overpriced? Buy it anyway just because the dude is doing some variation on “The Fonz” in his auction photos.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen. You know what you must now do. Purchase.

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Livin’ In the Past

Here’s two items that no longer fulfill their primary purpose, but nevertheless act as wonderfully inexpensive collectables.

Was 1996 a good year for you? Why not relive it, right down to Wolverine bone-claw fighting a bear? Take that time machine to calmer days.

What good is a calendar from 1986? Not much. Unless it has Batman somehow saying August with a grid of numbers. Sgt. Rock is just counting the days until his tour is over and he can get back to running the grain store in his small Nebraska town. Little does he know his series will be canceled and he’ll spend eternity in a warzone.

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Guessing This One Isn’t Officially Licensed

Remember the good ol’ days when Superman urged you to have a lighter available at all times?

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Six Inch Man of Plastic

If I received this toy for Christmas I would put on a facade of joyfulness so my parents didn’t feel that they couldn’t provide. But in my heart I would be bummed. I mean, what is it? Superman spits water? Is that something he did often in comics in the 60s? Maybe a couple times to stop a fire or something, but is that really the angle you want to come at when playing with your friends? Pretending they’re on fire?

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Truth, Justice, & the *CENSORED* Way.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Superman renounced his American citizenship in a back story in Action Comics #900. To which I say, whatever. Having read it, the simple truth is: it’s a nothing story that most writers will probably just ignore (and actually, basically already have). And with good reason. Whatever lame, un-American crap our government gets up to… Superman doesn’t represent that. He represents the ideal. He represents the America that is SUPPOSED to be, where we’re all honest and fair and treat every one in the world with respect. The one where we lead by example, not by invasion. That’s a defining character trait for the big Blue Boy Scout that is never gonna go out of style.

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Covers I Love: Anything With Hitler.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best title. Let me rephrase: Anything with Hitler, or any member of the Axis powers for that matter, getting clowned by the famous comic characters of the time period. This stuff is just total vintage Americana. Anyone from Superman to Batman to Joe Palooka and a chest tattooed Uncle Sam to a bizarre WC Fields version of our old friend Father TIme teamed up with a New Year’s Indian, I don’t care. I just love seeing grotesque caricatures of real life villains getting their just desserts in over blown cartoon form. You could never do these now and get away with it…

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Car Problems got you down?

Well I know they’ve got me down. Brought my truck in to get some routine brake work taken care of (nothing crazy – brakes weren’t even squeaking…) and next thing you know the job goes bad and I’m back to the auto shop three days in a row.

If you’re feeling this like me, shout out to Superman’s first appearance (did you know these reprint issues go for money??) and a Todd McFarlane homage during his Amazing Spider-Man run.

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The Return Of Random Comic Book Friday!

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Random Comic Book Friday, so to make up for it I’m posting not two but FIVE random results from my search for the word “comic books” on eBay. Which has resulted in a pretty random selection of items…

2 issues of Action Comics, a Fantastic Four pin, a Johnny Quest ad, and a Dark Horse comic I’ve never heard of called Hero Zero. Some weeks are better than others. That’s why it’s called random.

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DC Love.

As an unapologetic Marvel zombie, it’s hard to say this. But DC is responsible for some pretty cool comics. And here’s two posters that embody that DC cool. Superman done right is awesome – it’s sad that it’s become such a rare reading experience to enjoy a Superman book.

And despite the back and forth Watchmen love/hate surrounding the movie, this poster is almost completely undeniable.

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