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Super Plants?

I legitimately never had a clue that there was enough crossover business between comic book fans and fans of gardening to justify the merchandising coup that is DC superhero planters…

You learn something new every day. Definitely cool to see Captain Marvel filling out the 4th spot.

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The MAD Book Of Almost Superheroes.

MAD magazine (when it was still good). Duck Edwing. Superheroes.


Commence laughter.

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The Beginners Gym Attire.

It’s always important to be properly prepared for the gym. For those of you just starting out, there are three things that you absolutely HAVE to have:

1. A gym bag. Unless you’re an unemployed leech on society like myself, you will most likely be going to the gym straight from work, or possibly before work. So you’re gonna need a gym bag for clean clothes, deodorant, etc.

2. A good pair of sneakers. You want good ankle support, and a solid tread.

3. A gym shirt. You’re not working out in Venice Beach in 1979, so you’ll need to have one on. Something simple, that you don’t mind getting sweaty and stinky.

Again, this is for the BEGINNER. You really don’t need much more than that for now, and you certainly aren’t ready to be working out in anything like THIS yet:

You think I’m kidding, but there’s a 300lb roidhead at my gym who wears stuff like this. It’s surreal.

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Classic Glasses, volume 1.

Some of these glasses are in great condition. Some are merely good. And some are so faded the image is barely there.

But they’re all still great. You follow me?

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Puffy stickers!

If you were a kid in the 70s or 80s, and weren’t psyched on puffy stickers, you were never a kid. The Hulk ones especially look pretty sweet.

Is that what we’re calling candy cigarettes now?

“Candy sticks”? Really? At least the seller believes in truth in advertising…

Someone in the Marvel licensing division really needs to go back and read that Spider Man/Power Man/Storm comic book. You know, the one about smoking being bad and evil?

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