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AWUUUUUGGAAAAAAAHHHHH AWWWWUUUUUGGGAAAAAHHHHH! Sound the alarm! It’s that time again! Monday is the day we demonstrate The Dark Underbelly of Original art! This edition is dedicated to one of the few characters who make She-Hulk seem relevant: SUPERGIRL.

What do we know about Claudio Aboy? Breasts. That’s it. Dude loves to draw chests. Google him. Breasts appear. Here’s his take on Supergirl. I would actually read her book (maybe, probably not) if she looked like this.

I REALLY enjoy the subtext to this one.

I know I probably come off dismissive and condescending when it comes to these artists, but understand it’s just for laughs. I actually admire what they do. Some more than others. Devon Massey I admire a lot. In the world of exaggerated cartoon tits, he’s a titan. Something about his mammaries just rings truer than similar work from his peers. You be the judge.

What do I know about artist Sanna U? Absolutely nothing, EXCEPT for the fact that she is this week’s winner for Best in Show, Most Tasteful Depiction, AND Most Realistic Anatomy. We at Comicnoize’s Dark Underbelly of Original Art Monday salute Sanna U and her efforts to bring unprecedented levels of photorealism to comics.

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Riddle me this. 

Three vintage sticker packs from the 1970’s. 

Featuring some of DC’s best known characters, despite the dubiously missing Superman. 

Now why in the world would two of the three be bid on, but the third remains bidless? 

This world is full of mysteries.  

1 bid.

1 bid.

Zero bids.

Like I said… Weird.

Aren’t they cold?

If there’s snow on the ground play ball? Love is snow blind? So many bad jokes, so little time…

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