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Random Comic Book Friday.

So, Adventure Comics starring Superboy? Hey, I can hang with that, bird with super powers and all. But this second random comic for today… not sure what to make of it.

Sooooo, it’s called Slow Poke: Sex To Sexty, which is clearly a double entendre, but it’s cover shows nothing but anthropomorphic animals. Uh huh. Was this some sort of 70s indie version of Millar’s the Unfunnies? Nah. It actually was a lot more like if the cartoons and joke page in Playboy got their own zine.

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Those Who Forget The Past…

Remember in the 1960s, when DC Comics thought THIS was a good idea?

No sexist star spangled bathing suit, no convoluted background… just a modern take on an iconic character. Remember how well that went? Even Gloria Steinem wanted the original version back.

Well, this is Wonder Woman issue 600:

What makes this issue notable, aside from it being a milestone 600th issue?

Why a modern take on an iconic character, with a less convoluted background and a new non-revealing, non-star spangled costume of course

Yeah. As the good folks over at Topless Robot put it, Jim Lee’s stuck in the 90s design makes it look like Wonder Woman has decided to cosplay as 90s Superboy.

All she needs are the John Lennon sunglasses.

Thumbs down from me. It sounds like JMS may have some cool ideas about new villains, but I can’t say I’m interested in a Wonder Woman who was raised in an urban setting, and I REALLY don’t give a flying hoot where my superheroes keep their car keys, know what I’m saying?

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Random Comic Book Fridays #1.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d start something new this week.

Random Comic Book Fridays.

Ysee, most of the time, I either have something I want to write about, or I just scroll through page after page of vintage comic book related items to try and find something nifty. As a result, far too often, I fail to actually post any comic book issues and let them stand for themselves.

So from here on out, for my first post on Fridays, I’m going to simply go to eBay, and enter the word “comic book” in the search field, and post the first two auctions that come up. Simple as that. Be they featured auctions, regular auctions, ending in less than a minute, doesn’t matter. Whatever my search settings happen to be set on at the time of my search, that’s the order they’re gonna come up in, and the first two are going up. It’s the luck of the draw.

This weeks random comics? Near mint copies of Adventure Comics #104 and Super Magician Comics #1.

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Did You Ever Notice…

How baby Superman was always just one or two small steps shy of being a Bizarro?

I mean, I know a baby that can fly and lift the family cow is special, but baby Clark had a tendency to act SPECIAL, if you know what I mean.

Is it any wonder Pa Kent hung himself?

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Fathering A Superboy Is Rough.

One can only imagine the stress.

So it was really only a matter of time.

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Superboy’s Super Secret Diary. Uh.

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I still live in Smallville. 

The people here stink! I can’t even meet any nice girls, dagnabbit! Oh no, here come’s Ma! GTG…

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