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Plastic Man.

Talk about a character with unlimited toy potential. Even going back to the Super Powers line of the mid-80s, he was one of the coolest around. Sure, it was just a stretching neck, but when the rest of the line could only kick and punch, it makes for a coveted figure.

Heck, you can even go PAST the 80s, and into the late 70s:

That’s right, a Stretch Armstrong style Plas. Of course, these days there’s almost no way anyone could afford one, let alone risk trying to stretch him; it is 2010 after all. Fortunately, action figure accessories have caught with the variety of changes ol’ Plas can make, which leads us to exceptional toys like this San Diego Comic Con exclusive:

This one’s just in the pre-order stages right now, but man, just look at what you can do with this guy:

Definitely a cool, cool toy version of a cool, cool character.

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This Is The Thing About Being A Little Kid.

Sometimes, when you get awesome Super Powers coloring books for Christmas?

And they have masks you can cut out of the back cover?

You kind of sort of immediately cut out the masks and run around wearing them, and just kind of let the rest of the coloring book fall apart.

Don’t let your kid make my mistakes.

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The Super Powers Collection.

Since Bob already snagged Secret Wars, I figured I’d hit up the OTHER great superhero toyline of the 80s:

Kenner’s Super Powers Collection.

Man, I had TONS of these guys as a kid. I mean, literally minus Desaad and the Parademon, I had ever single one they put out in series 1 and 2*. Unfortunately, I was a kid, and a pretty creative kid at that. So most of my poor, poor action figures ended up swapping arms and accessories so I could make my own characters. Sure, I switched them back whenever I felt the need to have Batman chase down the Joker, but things still got lost or destroyed over time, and what’s left of my Super Powers collection now lies lost somewhere in my parents attic.

Of course, these days, I wish I could go back and slap myself over and over again until I cried for not treating them better, because really, it’s a line that has never been topped. Just look how awesome Firestorm is:

Yeah. Really shouldn’t have let Superman borrow his arms that time.

But it wasn’t just figures, oh no. I also had ACCESSORIES.

The Batmobile? Had it.

The Hall of Justice playset? Had it.

The Justice Jogger?


Ok, I didn’t have or want that weird thing. But the mail away Steppenwolf? He was bad to the bone, came with his own axe. You bet I had him.

The mail away Clark Kent figure? Perhaps the most boring action figure ever? Yeah, I had him too. I’d usually pretend he was an evil telepathic accountant instead.

There’s still hope for my poor, beaten down child hood figures from the Super Powers line though, because even the most beat up, broken down, amputee looking figures from the line still sell. Tho in the case of the auction below, I think it might have more to do with the rare Riddler figure from the South American Super Amigos version of the line** being included than anyone’s desire to reenact David Cronenberg’s Crash with action figures.

*- Since I only ever had figures from the first 2 series, I missed out on some of the awesomeness that was found in season 3, so I’ll give that it’s own post. Oh, and Swamp Thing never actually made it into the Super Powers line, tho he was scheduled to be in the never made 4th or 5th series.


Batman model kit. (Batkit? Batmod?)

Everything about this model kit is cool.

It’s Batman. With bats. It’s from the classic Super Powers line from the 80s. It’s a throwback to the awesome old Aurora monster model kits of the 60s/70s. It has cool box art. It uses one of my favorite Batman logos. And I don’t even know what “Golden Wings” are, but you know what? The advertisement on the side of the box for them is cool too.

Screw it being sealed; buy that thing, assemble it, and display it with pride.

Super Powers model sheets.

This is some pretty cool stuff right here. These are model sheets from the classic Super Powers toy line (model sheets are reference material to show what characters look like in different poses and from different angles). I chose to highlight the two that I think would be most suitable for framing, but this seller has over 40 of them up for auction.

If you don’t think that last one is completely awesome, you need to get your pinko commie butt back to Russia buddy.

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