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Witchblade: Smut? Or Great American Lit?

Witchblade. Looks like a stroke-book, right?

For the years Ron Marz was writing this series, he insisted it was anything but. I think starting next week, I’m going to give it a shot. Maybe Ron was right. After all, it’s unfair for me to judge a book simply because it’s got an attractive protagonist. That would be like disregarding a pretty lady’s opinion just because she’s pretty. Good-looking people can have important things to say. So why can’t a book with a fit lead have something to say?

Yeah, I’m going to go into without preconceived notions. A blank slate. I’ll let the book work or fail on its own merits and forget about the attractive protago– Wait. What’s this?

This figure is an actual authorized likeness and licensed by Witchblade’s owners? It’s not the demented creation of an unhinged basement-dweller? Nevermind about all that stuff I was saying earlier. Witchblade is a stroke-book.

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